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Sara Ali Khan in Workout Gear Reveals Her Workout Routine

Here are some of the exercises responsible for her amazing body

Sara Ali Khan is revealing the workout responsible for her amazing figure. In a new social media post the Bollywood star gives her followers a glimpse into her routine, sharing a workout video with her key exercises. "Gym instead of Jam 🧈🥖🥐🍓Best morning in the best gym in Paris," she captioned it. How does the star sweat? Celebwell has the details on her workout routine. 


Kettlebell Swings

Sara Ali Khan/Instagram

Overall, Sara is committed to fitness.  "I like to change things up, but ensure that I work out for an hour and a half every single day—except on Sunday because that's my day to chill," she said, per Vogue. One of her go-to exercises is the kettlebell swing, "A power exercise for the glutes, increases strength," explains Philadelphia-based trainer Kendra Gamble of HIT Fitness.


Kettlebell Squats

Sara Ali Khan/Instagram

Squatting is a great exercise for your lower body and core. "Kettlebell squats are unique as the weight can be positioned away from your body in front of you, meaning your back also has to fire or to one side (unilaterally), requiring cross stabilization," explains USA Iron, a company that makes kettlebells. "Every time you squat, you use hundreds upon hundreds of big and small muscles, building your strength, losing fat and gaining confidence." Squats in general are a great move to add to your routine with a "multitude of benefits" says Gamble. They help "increase strength, size and power of quads (front part of legs), glutes (butt), hamstrings (back of legs), calves, adductors (inner thighs), tendons and ligaments, and lowers your chances of knee and ankle injuries."


TRX Push Ups and Row

Sara Ali Khan/Instagram

Sara also uses the TRX and does push ups and rows. Polish fitness trainer Anna Lewandowska explained the benefits of  "TRX strap training," in a post. "TRX is a functional training created for US special forces. Soldiers stationed at sea did not have access to gyms and specialized training tools. Exercises with bands served the purpose of taking care of fitness and endurance in a small space and without the use of additional equipment. Because of its simplicity and surprising effectiveness, TRX quickly gained worldwide recognition.TRX is also used in physiotherapy offices, especially during rehabilitation after orthopedic injuries and surgeries." Gamble explains TRX rows are good for building strength in your back and arms and good for beginners to learn how to pull their own body weight, while doing a pushup with the TRX works the chest, anterior delt (front part of shoulder) and triceps, and is a "excellent variation for those who can't do a normal push up off the ground and allows them to ease into push ups."


Elliptical and Bike

Sara Ali Khan/Instagram

Sara also infuses cardio into her workout. Two of her favorites are the elliptical machine and cycling on a stationary bike. The Cleveland Clinic explains that biking, a low-impact aerobic exercise, is great for building muscle, improving strength and flexibility, and improving balance. It can also boost mental health and help other health conditions, including arthritis. 


Mixing Up Her Workouts

Sara's overall approach to exercise is "pretty eclectic," she told Vogue. "It's a combination of functional training, Pilates, boxing and cardio. I like to change things up, but ensure that I work out for an hour and a half every single day—except on Sunday, because that's my day to chill.It really depends. If I've had a hard week [physically], then a Vinyasa yoga or Pilates class is a great workout. But if it's been a stressful and emotionally taxing week, there's nothing better than a 45-minute session of boxing to get the adrenalin pumping in my body."

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