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Brooke Burke in Two-Piece Workout Gear Shares "Plank Challenge"

“Do this plank challenge every other day this week,” she captioned the Instagram Story clips.

Brooke Burke is recapping her weekend and challenging her followers to a workout. In a few new social media posts the fitness guru shows off her flat abs and fit figure in workout wear. "Weekend recap. Cheers to us🍾🥂🌹🌷🩷 everything's coming up roses #girlfriends," she captioned one of the Instagram posts. In another, she shares a workout. "Do this plank challenge every other day this week," she captioned the Instagram Story clips. How does the 52-year-old keep herself fit and healthy? Here is everything you need to know about her routine. 


Here Is Brooke's Plank Challenge

Brooke recommends doing the following exercises 10 times each and repeating the set three times. 

  • Plank crunch
  • Plank spider
  • Plank twist
  • Plank lunge tap


Mediterranean Diet

Brooke recently explained to Celebwell that she avoids fad diets, because she maintains a healthy lifestyle 365 days per year. "I don't like the word diet. It's all about building a sustainable, enjoyable, healthy lifestyle," she revealed to us. Instead, she sticks to a Mediterranean-style eating plan. "I have healthy fats such as olive oil and avocados, vegetables, lean proteins, beans, and nuts," she revealed. Sometimes she will start her day with a shake. Others, she will eat a grilled salmon salad or some type of protein salad. "I love cobb salad," she adds. For dinner, she likes fish or a filet mignon with crunchy vegetables. She also enjoys the occasional spirit. "I might have a glass of vino or, if I'm being more health conscious, a tequila-based drink," she says. "I'm restricting my alcohol intake right now and not drinking any alcohol during the week." 


Intermittent Fasting

"I intermittent fast most every day," Brooke dished to us. "I give myself a resting window of 16 hours, and I eat in an eight-hour window. It's 1:30p right now and I'm breaking my fast. I'm having a shake which is high in calories and in fat, which is totally okay. It has protein, matcha, MCT oil, dates, almond butter, one Tru Niagen stickpack, collagen powder, and cinnamon."



At-Home Fitness

"I am all about the convenience of the digital gym," Brooke says about her preference when it comes to the gym versus at-home workouts. "That's one of the good things the pandemic taught us…we can get a great workout from the comfort anin the safety of our own homes." This is the main reason she started Brooke Burke Body. "I wanted to create something that was accessible to everyone. It sounds crazy but you really can do short 10–20-minute, intense workouts that help you sculpt and tone your body," she continues. "The app has workouts ranging from 5 minutes to 50 minutes and it is inexpensive at just $9.99 a month. You can even try it for free for a week. But whether it's my app or free content you find online, take the time to get your body moving. It's not only good for the body, but also for the mind."


Body Sculpting

Brooke shares a variety of workouts on her Brooke Burke Body app. "I believe in body sculpting. I believe in movement of all kinds. I do enjoy lifting weights and cardio, but you don't have to sweat for hours to reshape your body," she said. 

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