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Brooke Burke in Yellow Workout Gear Shares Morning Ritual

Here are her wellness and fitness tips.

Brooke Burke is giving fans and followers a glimpse at her picture-perfect morning rituals, from morning smoothies to exercise sessions. Burke, 52, shared a reel of how she starts her day, including a snippet of her wearing yellow workout gear, doing a sunkissed mat workout outdoors. "Morning Rituals. Rise with the sun, hydrate with full 🍋 water, journal, meditate, grind my coffee beans + froth my full cream (made with love ❤️) make my bed with intention of beginning my day with a completed task, exercise!!!! Yes, of course there is the work|life balance in between all of these tasks. I kiss my fiancé, and tell him that I love him, Make love 🥰, prepare my son's school lunch, make him a smoothie to go, drive him to school, check in with my daughter, The list is long, but my priorities are in order. Yep, make your bed!!!! The way you begin sets the tone for your day," she captioned the post. 


Devoted Yogi

Burke is passionate about the benefits of regular yoga sessions. "Yoga is an incredible way to strengthen and support your mind‑body-spirit connection," she writes on her blog. "The combination of breath, movement, and mindfulness is especially powerful. Not only does it help you increase your flexibility, core strength, balance and mobility, studies have even shown physical improvements in blood pressure, heart disease, digestion and sleep. And that's in addition to psychological improvements in both stress management and symptoms of depression."


Meal Prepping For the Week

Burke is a big fan of meal prepping and having healthy food on hand at all times. "I think most of us understand the basics of eating a healthy diet," she writes on her blog. "Obviously, a mix of lean meats, fish, and fresh vegetables and fruits are excellent choices, while simple carbs, saturated fats, and processed foods should be kept to a minimum. Make sure you keep plenty of healthy options on hand like almonds, crunchy veggie sticks, low carb / high fiber fruits, green tea, etc."


Healthy Breakfast After Fasting


Burke fasts until 11 a.m. and then enjoys a healthy breakfast. "Overnight oats are a heart‑healthy breakfast option filled with fiber, protein, vitamins and minerals," she writes on her blog. "Of course, I personally love to start the day with a yummy and satisfying breakfast smoothie. They are fast and easy, plant-based (fruits, veggies, and/or nuts), nutrient dense, and wonderfully hydrating. And they don't leave me feeling bloated."


Advocate For Women's Health

Burke's thyroid cancer diagnosis in 2012 resulted in a new appreciation for her body. Fitness was always a big part of my life," she told Jewish Life Now. "I think I have a much better and much clearer understanding of my body today than I did back then. Being diagnosed with thyroid cancer segued me into being an advocate for women's health, and it was really because of the process of being diagnosed during a yearly physical. It gave me an understanding of the value of medical knowledge and kind of fighting for that and telling my story to inspire and to help many other people. It was about understanding the value of being a great patient and understanding the medical possibilities that we have today.


Body Positivity

Burke believes many different body shapes can still be healthy. "I love body confidence and it's super important when raising children," she told Jewish Life Now. "With my daughters, I'm so careful with my words. I'm a size two, so take that off the table and who cares what size we are and how much we weigh. I think it's about finding your feel-good and feeling beautiful at different stages of your life, and with every size. I don't like to use numbers and sizes, and what you weigh on a scale anymore. We're talking about strength, body confidence and I want women to tap into their self-love space and their own inner dialogue, and to find their own self-confidence."


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