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Brooke Ence in Two-Piece Workout Gear Says "Keep Those Hips Happy"

Here’s how she stays in shape.

Brooke Ence is a trainer and fitness influencer. Naturally, she shares a lot of workouts on Instagram. Last week, she shared her favorite hip workouts on Instagram. In it, she is seen doing a stretch while close to the floor. Ence captioned the post, "Keep those hips happy! Tag me if you try this one." How does she stay so fit? Read on to see 5 ways Brooke Ence stays in shape and the photos that prove they work, and visit her page to see the exercises in action.


She Improves Her Mobility

Brooke Ence/Instagram

Ence makes sure to improve her mobility. She shared some of her favorite workouts in this video. In it, she is seen getting up and down from a box. Ence captioned the post, "Working on your mobility can: 1. Enhance flexibility: Mobility exercises help improve joint range of motion, making movements more fluid. 2. Lead to better performance: Increased mobility can improve exercise technique and efficiency, allowing for greater strength, power, and endurance during workouts. 3. Prevent injury: By addressing muscle imbalances and tightness, mobility work can reduce the likelihood of injury. 4. Improve quality of life: Incorporating mobility exercises into your routine promotes better posture, reduces stiffness, and enhances overall physical comfort, contributing to a better exercise experience."


She Does Core Workouts

Brooke Ence/Instagram

Ence has an amazing core, and she does a lot of workouts to keep it in shape. She shared some of her favorites in this Instagram video. Ence captioned the post, "Crunches alone won't carve out that core! 😅 Here's the real deal: 1️⃣ Toes to Bar (or Knee Raises for a scaled version) 2️⃣ Plank Rollout (or stick to a solid plank if you're not there yet). 3️⃣ Windmill."


She Rows

Brooke Ence/Instagram

One piece of gym equipment that Ence likes to use is the rowing machine. She shared her tips for rowing in the caption of this Instagram video. "Struggling with your rowing form? 🚣 You're not alone. Here are 3 tips to improve your technique and get more from your workouts: 1. Slow down for more power. 2. Reach back to the starting position before your knees bend to start the next rep. 3. Elongate your body for a smoother motion. Watch the full video for a detailed breakdown of these tips!"


She Warms Up

Brooke Ence/Instagram

Ence doesn't skip a warm up. She shared her favorite workouts in this Instagram video. Ence captioned the post, "Preachin' the warm up gospel! 🔥💪 Never skip the warm up – it's the secret sauce to crushing those workouts. Proper prep sets the stage for a great workout. Don't just break a sweat – make it count! I filmed this entire warm up, lift, and metcon and it's up on my YouTube now! Click the link in my bio to go watch! 2 Rounds: 20 Leg Lifts. 15 Band Pull Throughs. 20 Glute Bridges. 5 each side TRX (or band) Assisted Pistol Squats. 5 each side Band Resisted Lateral Jumps."


She Strength Trains

Brooke Ence/Instagram

A lot of Ence's workouts involve weights. She shared this video on Instagram of herself using dumbbells. She captioned the post, "Got a set of dumbbells? That's pretty much all you need. 🤷‍♀️Today's just get-it-done workout from @nakedprogram: * 3x 15ea Alt DB Bench (neutral grip). * 3x 20 Inverted Pull-Up. * 3x 10 W/Y Press. Then into 12:00 AMRAP: * 200m Row. * 15 Wallball. * 10 Push-Up."

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