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Buffy's Sarah Michelle Gellar in Two-Piece Workout Gear is "Getting Destroyed"

“Back getting destroyed by @marymillermethod.”

Sarah Michelle Gellar is best known for her role as Buffy Summers in the TV series, Buffy The Vampire Slayer, and she also slays it on Instagram. The star of the underrated series Wolf Pack and films like Cruel Intentions, the live action Scooby-Doo films, and I Know What You Did Last Summer recently met up with a friend for a fitness class. She shared a photo of the two of them on her Instagram story, captioning it, "Back getting destroyed by @marymillermethod." How does she stay so fit? Read on to see 5 ways Sarah Michelle Gellar stays in shape and the photos that prove they work.


She Loves Green Juice


Gellar shared some of her wellness secrets in an interview with WhoWhatWear. She says that she loves to make green juice in the mornings, and shared her favorite recipe. "My favorite thing is to have a green juice. I go every weekend to the farmers market and I get fresh kale, spinach, celery, and lettuces and I blend it all together. That's my favorite thing before I work out." The Mayo Clinic states, "Juicing can play a role in a balanced diet. For instance, it can help you get fruits and vegetables if you don't enjoy eating them."


She Takes Care Of Her Skin

Gellar makes skincare a priority. She shared her favorite products with Woman's Day. "Luckily, growing up in this business, I've always had access to great skincare, and I understand how important it is. Not to say that I'm not a product junkie, and I love trying new brands. I love Augustinus Bader, I love Sunday Riley right now, Vintner's Daughter. For me, it's just about really clean skin."


She Washes Her Face Each Day


Gellar told Woman's Day that she makes sure to wash her face daily. "My family always jokes that when I come in the house, I have to put on comfortable clothing and wash my face, the second that I get inside. Maybe that's from growing up in New York City, and really being around dirt and smog. It's like, you know the old: 'Don't talk to mom till she's had coffee in the morning?' I'm, 'Don't talk to mom until I've cleaned my face, when I've gotten home from being outside.' What's lucky is now my kids have picked up on that, and are really good about skincare as well."


She Does A Variety Of Workouts

Gellar likes to do a variety of workouts. She shared her favorites in her Woman's Day interview. "I like to be outside, we have three dogs, it's a great excuse to hike and be outside, and really to combine physical and mental wellness. Luckily, I do like a hard exercise. I like to sweat. For me, Pilates has always been that. I love The Studio (MDR) and Pilates Platinum, and anything in the ocean, swimming, pool, all of it."


She Works Out With Others

Sarah Michelle Gellar/Instagram

Gellar also shared some of her fitness secrets in her Woman's Day interview. She says that she likes to workout with others, as you can see from her Instagram story photo. "Physical health is hand-in-hand with emotional health, so you really have to look at them holistically, and not separately. I definitely like to be with friends, I find that I workout better in a class if I'm with my friends."

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