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Camila Banus In Workout Gear Does Resistance Band Exercises

Banus is committed to her fitness routine.

Day of Our Lives star Camila Banus may have left the hit daytime soap, but she's been staying on top of her workouts. Banus, 33, shared a video of herself wearing blue leggings and a white sports bra, doing a mat workout using resistance bands. Banus is committed to her fitness routine, but she knows how to make it fun, and therefore sustainable. How does the actress stay strong and motivated? Here's what her training and wellness routine looks like.


Spinning At SoulCycle

Bethesda, MD – December 30, 2017: The indoor cycling gym SoulCycle has a branch on Elm Street in downtown Bethesda.Shutterstock

Banus loves taking SoulCycle classes. "I love to spin," she told New You. "I really love the entire workout, it's a whole-body workout. It's really great to be in a dark room playing great music, with everybody going, we're all going, moving to the same beat. You do what you can, no one is putting pressure [on you], and I love that everybody is really supportive."


Meal Prep

Banus meal preps on the weekends to prepare for the week ahead. "I'm okay to eat the same thing, although maybe one day I'll eat something different, for the entire week," she told Soap Opera Digest. "I love that. But I do have a huge problem with drinking [enough] water. Nothing worked except two things. One of them is a really cool bottle I purchased on Amazon. It keeps me motivated. It has little positive notes on the outside of it for every hour, like, 9 a.m., 'You did it,' 10 a.m., 'Good job, keep going.' The second thing is I add a couple of pineapple chunks to that bottle of water. It gives it a little bit of an acidy pineapple taste and makes it really easy to drink."


Workout Fashion

Banus loves dressing up in cute outfits for her workouts. "Fashion is one of the biggest motivators for fitness for me, putting together a cute workout [outfit]," she told Soap Opera Digest. "Styling my hair,  whether that's putting it in braids or a cute ponytail or spraying on some hair spray to slick back the frizzies that I have … Making myself feel really together for the gym to get myself to conquer a workout is rewarding for me and really motivating."


Keeping It Real

Banus is not interested in presenting an unrealistic version of herself online. "I'm imperfect, I have stretch marks and cellulite. My weight changes, my style does too but my heart never! I am me, Unapologetically me 💚," she captioned an Instagram post.


Organizing Her Workouts

Camila Banus/Instagram

Banus likes to arrange all her workouts ahead of time and tick them off one by one. "I've noticed my workouts are far more effective, if I write out a list," she told Soap Opera Digest. "For some, it may be on their phone. For some, it may be on their tablet. I personally like to have a paper written out with little boxes I can check off as soon as I get that exercise done. I feel super-complete and super-rewarded that I finished my workout for the day."

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