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Caroline Daur in Two-Piece Workout Gear Laces Up

Daur wore a yellow bra and black shorts, looking good.

Caroline Daur is a very successful model. She recently did a campaign for Adidas. Last month, Daur shared some highlights from the shoot on Instagram. In them, she and some others are seen running. Daur wore a yellow bra and black shorts, looking good. She captioned the post, "Anzeige // big hug to the whole crew behind this incredible campaign shoot! 🫂❤️🫰🏻 (swipe for behind the scenes – especially proud of the last slide haha)" How does she stay so fit? Read on to see 5 ways Caroline Daur stays in shape and the photos that prove they work.


She Works Out On Vacation

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Daur makes sure to stay consistent with her fitness. Even when she's on vacation. In fact, she has a set of workouts that she can do right in a hotel room. Daur shared these workouts in this Instagram post. She captioned it, "Keep that routine during vacation, just make it start 2-3 hours later💪🏻 (swipe for a quick workout/ 5 exercises/ 5 rounds/ 15 reps. per round)."


She Does Burpees

Caroline Daur/Instagram

In her Instagram post, Daur is seen doing burpees to keep herself fit. ACE Fitness states that while the exercise is difficult, it is very effective. "Burpees are definitely challenging, requiring the exerciser to employ full-body stability, mobility in many joints and above-average coordination, while also being able to perform both a solid plank and a decent squat."


She Does Squat Jumps

Caroline Daur/Instagram

In her Instagram post, Daur is also seen doing squat jumps. Gymless states that these have a lot of benefits. "The jump squat is a compound lower body exercise that develops explosive power, especially in your quads, glutes, and hamstrings. This is a form of plyometric training where it trains your muscles to produce power, which is a combination of strength and speed. Moreover, it will improve your balance and agility."


She Does Lunges

Caroline Daur/Instagram

The final workout Daur is seen doing in her Instagram post are lunges. ACE Fitness states that lunges can work a lot of different muscles at the same time. "Lunges work the biggest muscles in your lower body — mainly the quadriceps, gluteus maximus, and the adductor magnus (the muscle in your inner thigh). Other muscles that come into play are the hamstrings, gluteus medius, calves, and core stabilizers."


She Runs

Daur is also seen running in place in her Instagram post. The Cleveland Clinic states that running is a great way to burn calories. "You can burn more calories running than walking per minute, which can add up to a significant difference over time. For example, if you go on a 30-minute run, you'll burn more total calories than if you went for a 30-minute walk. Some estimates say that you burn twice as many calories running vs. walking."

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