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Carrie Bickmore Shares Swimsuit Photo on "Holiday Mode"

Here are her top lifestyle habits.

Carrie Bickmore is living her best life on vacation – in her swimsuit. In a new social media post, the Aussie star is in holiday mode, looking insanely fit in a pink bathing suit while having a blast during her beach getaway. "Friends, family, fro-yo's, frangipanis and fun ☀️And before anyone freaks out…it's a bouy in the last pic not a shark!" she captioned the Instagram clip, driving her followers wild. "That body," commented one. "I wish my old body looked and moved like that!" another added. How does the 43 look half her age? Celebwell rounded up her top lifestyle habits. 


Active Lifestyle

"I am happier when I am active. Both my physical and mental health feels better when I move. I noticed my motivation dropping severely during this year's round two of lockdown," Carrie told Mamamia about how exercise benefits her mental health.


Fun Outdoor Activities

"Most of my exercise this year has been with the kids, running, riding bikes, heading down to the athletics track. I knew it was important for my kids to move for their own mental health so I pushed through my own tiredness as much as I could and got them outside," Carrie added to Mamamia. 



Carrie loves dancing. "We love nothing better than a dance in the kitchen in our family! It's a great mood lifter and a 20 min boogie to Fleetwood Mac burns as much energy as a 20K run. (Don't check that fact 😜)" she captioned a recent post. 


Healthy Eating


"Every day is different," Carrie dished to Mamamia about maintaining variety in her diet. "I tend to eat healthy most of the time but we always have a takeaway on the weekend and you don't have to ask me twice for a block of chocolate or lollies." 




Carrie takes supplements to ensure she gets the nutrients she needs. "I have always been iron deficient so I take iron tablets. Living in Melbourne I am lacking in vitamin D so I try to remember to take my vitamin D tablets as well, and when I am training, I like to take magnesium," she told the publication.


Cheat Weeks

Some stars allow themselves cheat days, but Carrie takes cheat weeks. "With three kids and a crazy life, I have weeks where I am good at eating well and taking all my vitamins and then there are weeks where everything unravels and I get out of my routine – but I never regret eating well and getting some exercise in," she confessed to Mamamia. 



"I am obsessed with music, so when I am feeling flat I'll either put on my favourite playlist and go for a walk or run. If I don't have the energy to do that, I'll go put music on in the kitchen and bake," Carrie told Mamamia about the importance of music.  


Me Time

Carrie is all about "me time." "I am someone who needs a lot of sleep and our toddler has only just started sleeping better – so it's been a tiring few years. Even just a drive alone in my car with a coffee can be stress-relieving!" she said. 

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