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Carrie Underwood in Workout Gear Shares "Killer Leg Workout"

Underwood also has her own line of workout clothing, Calia, and her own fitness app, Fit52.

Carrie Underwood is one of the most successful country singers of all time. Her hits include, "Before He Cheats", "Jesus Take The Wheel", and "Last Name." Underwood also has her own line of workout clothing, Calia, and her own fitness app, Fit52. In an Instagram post for the latter, Underwood shared her lower body workout. How does she stay so fit? Read on to see 5 ways Carrie Underwood  stays in shape and the photos that prove they work.


She Works Her Entire Body

Underwood may be seen doing lower-body workouts in her recent Instagram post, but she makes sure to workout her entire body. Her trainer, Eve Overland, shared the singer's workout tips with Shape. "Each workout incorporates both upper-body as well as lower-body exercises," says Overland. "Most commonly, we will work with opposing muscle groups, so she gets a lot of frequency with lower-body exercises without overworking it on any given day. This approach has contributed to her amazing strength as well as sculpted physique.


Fitness is a Priority

Overland tells Shape that Underwood makes fitness a large priority in her life. "Working out and staying healthy is just a way of life for Carrie. It is who she is, what she does. Carrie understands that staying strong, mobile, and conditioned is so important in all aspects of her life, on and off the stage. Working out is self care and her me time."


She Stays Hydrated

Underwood shared some of her wellness secrets in an interview with Women's Health. She says that she makes sure to drink enough water each day. "One thing that I feel is so neglected in our lives is staying hydrated," she said. "It seems so simple. If you find yourself cranky … you need to drink more water! My husband will complain about a headache sometimes and I'm like, you need to drink more water."


She Does Simple Workouts

When it comes to Underwood's fitness, she believes in simplicity. Overland shared some of Underwood's go-to moves with Shape. "She likes to stick with the basics because they work," says Overland. "Lateral band walks, leg press machine [reps], hamstring curls, and cable straight leg kickbacks are a few more go-tos because of the great pump they give you."


She Uses Coconut Oil


Underwood has amazing skin, and she makes sure to take care of it. She shared some of her favorite products with TODAY. "I love using coconut oil as a moisturizer because it makes my skin feel nice and soft," she said. "You can also use it to protect your hair, among other things. I'm a fan of products that do more than just one thing!"

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