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Cassey Ho in Workout Gear Does Slow Cardio and Loves It

Here are her fitness tips.

Health and fitness influencer Cassey Ho is trying out slow cardio and loves it. The trainer posted a video of herself shorts and a green sweatshirt while walking on a treadmill on a steep incline. "30 incline ↗️ 1 mph 🐌 30 minutes ⏱️ Seriously gets my heart rate so high, and in comparison to running (which feels like torture to me) this slow cardio hiking situation feels more enjoyable for my body! I spent yearsssss trying to like HIIT, trying to like running, but honestly, it always felt like I had to try SO hard. I also never really felt like I got better at it," she captioned the post. Here's how Ho stays healthy, happy, and fit.


Pilates Channel

Ho is a personal trainer, and created her own Pilates workout channel for clients who needed guidance after she moved across the country. "Blogilates is a combination of my two loves: blogging and Pilates!" she tells New Beauty. "It all started when I posted a POP Pilates workout on YouTube for the students I was going to leave behind when I was moving cross country for a new job. It was literally only meant for about 40 people. Then, that video got viewed thousands of times and I was getting comments from people all over the world asking for more! So I listened. I gave them more and my community started to grow."


Nourish Your Body

Ho is passionate about how diet can impact health and energy. "One thing that everyone can do to feel healthier is to nourish the body right, because it all starts from the inside," she tells PEOPLE. "That means eating lots of vegetables and natural foods, as unprocessed as possible. And drink tons of water because that will flush everything out… Record your food and workouts every single day, plus how much water you're drinking and how you're sleeping. It's important to write it all down and realize it, and then take care of yourself from that point forward."


Embrace Your Look

Ho has learned to appreciate her unique and beautiful look. "Being in the fitness industry I am expected to look a certain way," Ho tells Glamour. "I constantly hear that I don't look like other fitness trainers, but that's not my goal. As an instructor I want to make sure you have fun working out so you can attain your own dream body and dream life. At the end of the day what truly matters is that I'm healthy and I'm happy with myself. If I look in the mirror and feel good then I'm OK."


Balanced Life


Ho makes time for rest days to recover from her workouts. "I don't work out every single day," she tells PEOPLE. "I try to do it four to five times a week: 30 minutes in the morning of really quick Pilates plus high-intensity interval training to get in my cardio."


Screen-Free Time

Ho makes a point of switching off and staying offline when necessary. "I'm ALWAYS looking at a screen, whether it be my phone or my computer," she tells New Beauty. "But I know how important it is to take care of myself and find balance. I wear Alcon Dailies Total 1 contact lenses because they keep my eyes feeling hydrated late into the night as I continue working so I'm comfortable and can focus on what really matters—my fans. I also like getting up and going for walks or doing a short stretch session to step away from the screen. I also have disabled the vibrate feature on my phone so that I can't hear it when I am working."

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