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Celebrity Trainer Alice Veglio In Workout Gear Shares Yoga Session

“Perform this practice in the morning."

Celebrity trainer Alice Veglio is sharing a mobility yoga workout with her many fans and followers. Veglio, 28, posted a video of herself wearing a one-piece workout outfit, doing a mat yoga session. "Perform this practice in the morning: at least 40 seconds duration for each position. Mobility exercises improve the interaction of muscles during movement, give you more strength and endurance. Within the holistic Bright & Fit program you can take yoga, mobility and Pilates classes at home or wherever you want, whenever you want," she captioned the post. Here's how the Italian beauty stays fit, strong, and energized.


Holistic Health Philosophy

Veglio has a "holistic philosophy" when it comes to her training routine. "It consists of 3 fundamental elements: holistic training, flexible nutrition and mindset," she told Women Fitness. "From a training point of view, in view of my triathlon competitions, I dedicate from 14 to 20 hours a week to physical activity. My workouts are dedicated to Yoga/flexibility (3 hours a week), Muscle toning (4 hours a week), and endurance activities in running, swimming and cycling (12 hours a week). To these hours are added the hours dedicated to recording my fitness program and the lessons I take with my students."


Vegetarian Diet

Alice Veglio/Instagram

Veglio follows a vegetarian diet with plenty of home cooking. "As far as food is concerned, I follow a vegetarian and homemade diet," she told Women Fitness. "I love preparing genuine and fresh dishes complete with all the macronutrients. I see in every food I eat beneficial properties to give energy to my body and my mind. I love making easy, quick and tasty fit recipes within everyone's reach and able to show that you don't have to give up on taste when you follow a healthy diet."


She's a Runner

Veglio ran a 10K in Yas Island, Dubai, and placed 5th. "After four days of flooding, endless hours of cleaning and work, and very little sleep, we decided not to give up. We rented a car since ours were unusable after the flood, and we challenged ourselves with the Yas Island 10 KM City Half Marathon 💪🏻. Securing 5th place overall out of more than 80 female athletes made me extremely grateful to my body and mind for not giving up and supporting me through this challenge as well!" she captioned the post.


Daily Meditation


Veglio meditates every day. "Mindset is the third pillar of my Holistic Routine," she told Women Fitness. "I dedicate the first minutes of the morning and the last minutes of the day to mindset exercises and meditation. My motto is 'mens sana in corpore sano'. I could never think of feeling good about myself without dealing with body-mind and spirit in a synergistic way. This approach of mine completely permeates my holistic program allowing every woman to apply it to her own life."


Wellness First

Veglio is interested in well-being, first and foremost. "I want to deal with well-being. Not intended only to get yourself in shape," La Stampa. "I want to make people, women, feel good in their own bodies. Fashion imposes stereotypical standards. I believe in the beauty of feeling at ease and this is thanks to contact with nature. The mountains [of the Aosta Valley], the walks, the small community are aspects of my region that I carry always with me and that me and me inspire me."

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