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Chantel Jeffries In Two-Piece Workout Gear is "Working On My Swing"

“Uh there’s like.. so many irons, it’s exhausting!”

DJ and model Chantel Jeffries is showing off her golf skills in a new social media post. Jeffries, 31, shared a video of herself wearing a white skirt and shirt, swinging a golf club on a small green. "Working on my swing🏌🏽‍♀️," she captioned the post. "Uh there's like.. so many irons, it's exhausting!" commented friend and actress Jessica Serfaty Michel. Jeffries is used to getting plenty of attention since (allegedly) dating Justin Bieber—here's how she stays focused and happy.


Inspired by Herself

Jeffries has a positive philosophy to life. "I just draw so much inspiration from so many different places and I honestly get so much inspiration from myself, in a way," she told Euphoria. "I'll feel down at times, but then I'll watch my old videos or look at old photos and I'll snap out of it seeing my best moments and just motivate myself and say, 'This is you! You already are this person. You just need to remember that, don't get down on yourself or feel a certain way because this is you."


Keeping It Real

Jeffries makes an effort to show her authentic self on social media. "I also feel like I should be someone who's real and be someone who others can relate to and know that I'm not perfect– because none of us are– so I never want to hide my flaws and make people feel like I'm an unattainable version of a human," she told Euphoria. "If anything, it's just me being my real, authentic self. It's the only way that I want to be and just share things about myself that are my insecurities or were my insecurities at one point. I've become pretty good at accepting them."


Makeup Looks

Jeffries has a few beauty go-to looks. "Matte lips are a big thing," she told Allure. "When I was younger, my mom used to only use lip liner, and I thought it was so weird, but she used to fill in her lips with it. So then I started doing that—it gives a nice, matte look. I've also recently discovered how great eye shadow is. I'll do plain makeup and then a really bold colored eye, like purple. But you have to keep the rest of your makeup natural. If I do a natural eye, I just do bronzer in the crease of my eye, and I put highlighter in the corners."


Short Hair Style

Jeffries is hoping for a more natural look to become fashionable again. "I like the whole short-hair thing," she told Allure. "I've had long hair for so long, and I just cut mine. Really heavy extensions are something I'm over. Short hair is the new thing. And I feel like the very dramatic overdrawn lips could probably go. I'm more for the natural face."


Male-Dominated Industry

Jeffries isn't intimidated by the male-dominated DJ industry. "The fact that it's a male-dominated industry isn't a good or bad thing because I use it as motivation," she told Euphoria. "People have preconceived notions of the fact that I am female but I never let that stop me. I feel like, within the space that I'm in, people are very collaborative."

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