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Charissa Thompson In Workout Gear Poses With Tom Brady and Rob Gronkowski

"We had ourselves a time, off the grid."

Sports presenter Charissa Thompson keeps very good company, judging by her social media—clearly it comes with the territory! Thompson, 41, shared a picture of herself wearing black shorts and an athletic tank top, posing with Tom Brady and Rob Gronkowski (among many others) on the beach. "No shortage of laughter or athleticism with this crew… we had ourselves a time, off the grid," she captioned the post. Here's what Thompson's health and wellness regimen looks like.


Running Outdoors


Thompson struggled with losing her yoga studio during the pandemic lockdowns, but was still able to go running. "I tried many times to replicate the studio at home," she told New Beauty. "That part I really missed, but I've always been a runner. I always said this about running: All you need is a pair of sneakers. Being able to put on shoes and get outside the walls of your home was a good escape during COVID—so even with the closing down of gyms and the yoga studio, there's still always the outdoors."


Stay the Course

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Thompson is proud of her achievements but wants to constantly evolve. "If you find yourself in jobs that aren't your end goal, that's okay; it's all part of the process," she told Modern Wellness Guide. "I remember working at ESPN with Jalen Rose, and he gave me great advice. He said, 'Appreciate your position — but plan your promotion.' I never forgot that. Because if the job you currently hold isn't your end goal, ask yourself "is this job getting me closer to the one I REALLY want?" If it's not, change, but if it is, stay the course!"


Beauty Must-Haves


Thompson has a few go-to products she can't live without. "I cannot leave anywhere without my Fresh Rose Petal Lip Balm," she told New Beauty. "I have it with me at all times; I even have backups. I also love the Burt's Bees lip balms. It always goes a long way. I'm the person who buys all the products and then forgets to use any of them, so I like a good all-in-one—especially anything that combines an SPF lotion and makeup."


Embracing the Blonde

Thompson once dyed her hair darker in an effort to be taken more seriously. "If people just see a picture of me, there is an assumption of just a bubblehead beach blonde, the stereotypical, 'Oh, she is just one of those.' And I can't change that," she told Sports Illustrated. "Stereotypes exist for a reason. But what I can do is open my mouth and the minute I have a conversation with someone, hopefully, if I have that conversation with someone who has an opinion of me based on the superficial stuff, they walk away thinking, 'Oh, that is not at all what she is like.'"


Fabulous In Her 40s

Thompson is confident as she steps into her 40s. "I think I look good for my age, so I haven't thought about it too much," she told New Beauty. "A bunch of my girlfriends from high school are going on a 40th birthday trip, so I'm looking forward to turning 40, mainly because I get to go on a vacation. Someone told me a long time ago to drink more water and use more sunscreen, and I'm still trying to make up for lost time…luckily, there's a lot of products out there that help reverse the signs of aging."

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