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Charlotte Crosby In Sports Bra Takes Ice Bath For "Mental Reset"

Here are her wellness tips.

Geordie Shore star Charlotte Crosby is taking her wellness regimen to the next level with intense—but effective!—ice baths. Crosby, 33, shared a video of herself wearing shorts and a sports bra, lowering herself into an ice bath on her deck. "I'm sorry but I SMASHED it! A month off and I got in without a flinch! I'm telling you now my body is so used to it now! This was the mental reset I needed this weekend! I can't tell you how low I was feeling in the lead up to my period! And this just sorted my whole mood out!" she captioned the post. Here's how Crosby lost weight, got fit, and kept it going.


Loving Her Body

Crosby lost over 40 pounds and has never felt better. "I'm feeling really happy and confident about my body at the minute," she told Now To Love. "I'm actually the happiest I've been in a long time. Keeping off the weight means that I'm finally at a place where I know this is the size I am, and will be probably for the rest of my life."


Geordie Flashbacks

Crosby says seeing herself on reruns of Geordie Shore helps to keep her accountable. "Series three to seven of Geordie Shore are full of bits I have to relive," she told Now To Love. "I'm constantly being tagged on Instagram – there's always a fat one of me! I feel like I'm a different person now – I'm full of energy, I'm much happier. I look at those pictures and I feel like it was a sad time – I wasn't confident and I was always sluggish and tired, because my diet was so awful."


Rest and Relaxation

Crosby's ideal of self-care is simply relaxing, preferably at a spa. "I don't think I've ever been one to be like glam glam, so I can't really say, you know, my whole routine changed," she told Body+Soul. "If we look back on my Geordie Shore years, I used to go to the nightclub with no makeup on. All I want to do is lie about on the set in my pyjamas unless I get a spa day and then I'll have a nice pamper." 


Weight Loss Tips

Crosby's tips for losing weight and keeping it off are simple and sustainable. "Eat the best you can, sticking to a healthy, balanced diet six days a week," she told Now To Love. "Try to have no more than one big night out a week, and aim to do an extra bit of exercise on the day you're going out to compensate. [Do] a quick workout in the morning – I do my Belly Blitz. Even 20 minutes burns about 250 calories. And later on, go on a walk with your mate."


Ignore the Trolls

Crosby learned to tune out the negativity that comes from fame. "I've got such a weird outlook on it," she told Heatworld. "People are always gonna say negative things about you, you cannot control that, it is so out of your control. Whether it happened when you're at school in the playground, face to face, or going to work or now it happens online which, to be honest, I think is kind of the easiest way to deal with trolling."

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