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Charlotte Flair in Two-Piece Workout Gear is "Back in the Gym"

Here are her top diet and workout tips. 

Charlotte Flair is ready to "destroy" and "rebuild" – in her two-piece workout attire. In a new social media post the WWE fighter shows off her strong body and also her determination, returning to the gym two weeks after undergoing knee surgery. "14 days post-op and first day back in the gym," she captioned the Instagram post. In it, she appears to be doing physical therapy exercises – not her usual hardcore training. How does the athlete maintain her amazing body? Celebwell has all the details about her top diet and workout tips. 


Lift Weights

Charlotte lifts incredibly heavy weights. When she turned 35 she was "like, I want to be in the best shape of my life," she told Muscle & Fitness. "I've done CrossFit and I was really into running in college, but right now I love bodybuilding."


Do Cardio and HIIT Workouts

Charlotte also hits the gym three times a week for regular cardio and HIIT circuits. "I'll cycle with an app where we do 20 seconds on, and 20 seconds off, or I'll ride around the park. We'll do pull ups, dips and push ups before we start the workout," she told Muscle & Fitness. 


Eat Five Small Meals a Day


Charlotte believes that eating five small meals a day versus a few bigger ones is the key to fueling your body and avoiding overeating. "It's about portion control," she told Muscle & Fitness. "It depends on what your goals are." For breakfast she has protein enriched oatmeal followed by steak with two tortillas and cactus for lunch, and then chicken with half a cup of rice, cucumbers, and lettuce for dinner. 


Find Workout Buddies

Charlotte is all about workout buddies. Likely she has one in her husband, All Elite Wrestling star Andrade El Idolo. What are workout buddies a great idea? Having a pal makes exercise more fun and helps keep you accountable. 


Allow Yourself Cheat Meals

Charlotte eats healthy – most of the time. "I love ice cream, chocolate, cheeseburgers, and tacos, but I have developed a plan that I can enjoy food and not worry about it being labeled bad or not healthy," Charlotte told Food & Beverage. Instead of eating a cheeseburger the old fashioned way, she will opt for a whole wheat bun and add avocado. "There is always a way to make the food you love enjoyable, healthy, and a part of your dining routine if you commit to it," she said. 

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