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Charlotte McKinney in Black Leggings Shares Outdoor Yoga Routine

"I’ve been practicing yoga since high school and don’t go a day without it."

Charlotte McKinney promised fans they would see more of her through social media this year—and she kept her word. McKinney, 30, shared a video of herself wearing black leggings and a white sports bra, doing yoga in her yard. "I know every New Year I say I'm gonna post more but this time I mean it ! Comment below what kinda videos you want me to post more of this year ! Also Fun fact I've been practicing yoga since high school and don't go a day without it 🧘🏼‍♀️🏄🏼‍♀️ Namaste," she captioned the post. Here's how the model and actress takes care of her health and wellness, inside and out. 


Anti-Inflammatory Diet

McKinney enjoys a healthy, anti-inflammatory diet with plenty of fish and vegetables. "After my morning workout at Platefit or Hot 8 Yoga, I pick up an almond milk latte from Blue Bottle," she told Barbara Sturm. "When I'm home, I make a light breakfast, either a green smoothie with Sakara Life's Super Powder, or Bircher Muesli… You will always find pumpkin and sunflower seeds in my purse! The magnesium and zinc give me the energy I need to get through the day."


Favorite Workouts

Charlotte McKinney/Instagram

McKinney genuinely enjoys being active and exercising for both mental and physical health. "I love working out! For me it's physical and mental, and the best way to start my day," she told Social Life Magazine. "I mix up my workouts to keep it interesting. My go-to's are Barry's Bootcamp and then yoga and barre classes at Alo Studios. Alo has a few beautiful spaces in LA but also in NY in Soho. It's perfect for when you want to work out with friends; you can shop (they have the best workout gear I've ever worn), plus the best coffee shops, and it's all in one. Their classes are awesome and I've never had a bad instructor!"


Red Wine Lover


McKinney kept a busy routine even during the pandemic lockdowns, and would wind down with a glass of red wine. "For my daily routine, I wake up, drink water, get my sweat on with a workout, then jump into work emails and calls, work on audition self-tapes," she told Miami Living. "And very occasionally, I'll be on set, if necessary, for work. I finish most days on my couch with a glass of Dry Farm's red wine. I've added wine connoisseur to my resume since the pandemic started."


Kidney Disease

McKinney has a rare kidney condition which makes her health and wellness regimen even more crucial. "I was diagnosed with a kidney disease and have ongoing health issues, so I try to focus on foods that don't cause any inflammation which means avoiding processed sugar, dairy, and alcohol during the week," she told Beautytap. "I also eat fresh, local foods that are in season including lots of fruits and vegetables, healthy fats, and oils. I've slowly brought a little bit of red meat back into my diet at my doctor's recommendation as well." 


Simple Joys

McKinney focuses on the simple things in life that bring her joy. "The greatest luxury in life is having my family around," she told Haute Living. "Especially with everything going on, I feel fortunate and grateful for them. It's something you can't buy and being able to speak to my parents and sister has been super important to me. I love having that connection with them."

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