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Chenoa Shares Swimsuit Photo During "Relax Time"

She’s 48 and looks amazing.

Argentine-Spanish singer Chenoa (real name María Laura Corradini Falomir) is having fun in the sun at the beach. Chenoa, 48, shared pictures of herself looking luminous in a black and white swimsuit, sipping on fresh coconut water against an ocean background. "Relax Time ☀️🏖️🌅🍹 ," she captioned the post. "I will not be like this with 48 or with all the gold in the world," a fan commented—but it turns out that Chenoa's routine is actually not impossible. Here's how the star is only getting better with age.


Healthy Lifestyle

Chenoa believes if working out is not a lifestyle habit it doesn't work. "Doing sports is always very long-term," she says. "I don't believe in radical methods, in the end it's a way of life. It is not a coach, but a change of mentality, in the end it is your own will. Nobody is going to lift the weights if you don't lift them. It was all about unlearning concepts and going back to learn."


Aging Gracefully

Chenoa considers the aging process to be a privilege. "I manage [aging] by taking care of myself because I like to be happy, which is the fundamental thing, and to feel excited about having another day in my life," she says. "I don't quite understand those who say they don't like birthdays—age makes you more experienced. It is true that the body also has its ailments but for that I take great care of myself, I eat healthy, I do sports and I try to look at life with beautiful eyes, which makes your life younger."


Working Out For Holistic Health


Chenoa considers working out to be good training for when she hits the stage for her high-energy performances. "I have to do those routines to be on stage moving like there's no tomorrow," she says. "And the psychological part is basic—we have to release a lot of serotonin and exercise manages to reduce the risk of depression. If you only use sports to be good-looking is another objective, but it's not mine."


Living An Authentic Life

Chenoa says she called her album I Am Human to reinforce how she feels about being her authentic self. "I am human and on top of that I am a woman," she says. "It's not an excuse, but it is a reminder. Sometimes we are very constrained with perfection and I think it is important to remind ourselves that making mistakes also helps us. I think that we (women) are required even a little more, as always one more step, on top of the fact that we have it more complicated."


Skincare Routine

At 48, Chenoa says cleansing is the most important part of her skincare routine. "The most important thing for me is to remove my make-up," she says. "Note that it's not so much the steps that I follow, but rather to remove my make-up well, and that I rest my skin at night, because sometimes I don't get [enough] sleep. But [to let] the skin breathe and be well."

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