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Chloe Kim in Workout Gear Is "Going Somewhere Snowy Soon"

Here are her lifestyle tips.

Snowboarding champion Chloe Kim is a huge advocate of strength training, once crediting single-leg squats and weights with helping her win gold at the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics. Kim recently shared a series of pictures updating fans and followers on her day-to-day hijinks, including a snap of herself sitting in a weight room wearing Nike shorts and a cropped sweatshirt. "Been a lil whileeeeee!! I need to get better at posting but thinking of going somewhere snowy soon 🥹🤍," she captioned the post. Kim is just 23 and killing it on the slopes—here's what her diet and fitness routine looks like.


Strength Training and Running

Kim's workouts are a combination of weights and high-intensity cardio. "My trainer, Roy, is incredible, and I feel much stronger than I ever have," she told Bustle. "I've also been working on my cardio a bit because I'm sick of being out of breath after a run. To recover, I get physical therapy. When I'm in Los Angeles, my physical therapist, Vinh, takes care of me. When I'm in the snow, my physical therapist is Emilie. I always need someone with me on the road to ensure I'm goes od and ready to go."


She's a Foodie

Kim's genuine love for food has become the stuff of legend. "I'm Korean, so I love me some Korean barbecue," she told Shape. "I have this crazy workout, so I'm like, I deserve to eat. I love eating out, but I also love cooking. My boyfriend has celiac disease, so I'm into looking at recipes and then making them gluten-free. It's a challenge, but I can make anything. Really. If I have the recipe and a vision of what I think will taste better, I'll do it. The other day I made this orzo dish, and it was super good. It's like I have a superpower. I just know what to put in it."


Mental Health Care

Kim takes care of her mental health through movement and fresh air. "I wholeheartedly believe that in order to be a great athlete, you have to take care of your mental health," she told Bustle. "Sport is of course physical, but it's taxing on the mind as well. Personally, I've been spending a lot of time with my family and my 'kids' — my dog, Reese, and my horse, Mochi. They help me feel grounded and level-headed. Just getting outside — it could be skateboarding, walking, outdoor runs, a workout… anything to keep me busy. I also like to practice gratitude and remind myself of how blessed I am."


Green Fingers

Kim has developed an appreciation for plants and growing her own vegetables. "I just moved into a new house, and I have a newfound love for plants," she told Shape. "It's actually bad. I'll go to Lowe's to get something I need, like a hose, and I'll be stuck in the plant section for two hours. My boyfriend built me a planter box, so that's been fun. I have some bell peppers growing, some jalapeños, some tomatoes. I planted a watermelon. I'm really going at it. I planted asparagus. For that one, I have to wait five years to reap the benefits, but that's okay. They're like my children now, so I'll wait."


The Future of Snowboarding

Kim isn't sure what, if anything, she would change about snowboarding as a sport. "I love what I do and I think there's a lot of room for progression for sure," she told NBC Olympics. "We do have these new contests, though, called modified halfpipes, where they bring different features into the course in addition to the halfpipe. I had a lot of fun at those because I loved slopestyle when I was younger, before I decided to stick to halfpipe. But with those modified halfpipes, it really challenges you to be a good, all-around snowboarder."

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