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Christy Carlson Romano in Two-Piece Workout Gear is "Far From Home"

Here’s how she stays in shape.

Christy Carlson Romano is a former child actress. She is known for her roles in several Disney projects like Kim Possible, Even Stevens, and Cadet Kelly. Romano is currently a YouTuber and podcast host. In an Instagram post, Romano revealed that she will be taking a social media break for a project, as she is far from home. How does she stay so fit? Read on to see 5 ways Christy Carlson Romano stays in shape and the photos that prove they work.


She's Body Positive

In another YouTube video, Romano talked about overcoming an eating disorder. She says that getting pregnant made her be more body-positive. "Once I had that weight on my body, which I hadn't had, ever, I was really loving my body. Like I was really loving the way that I felt and looked, and I felt like a woman. I had curves for the first time and I felt good. I felt like I didn't have to make any excuses for being too thin or anything like that. I felt really good."


She Wants To Be A Role Model


Romano wants to inspire her kids to love their bodies. "I love to talk to them about their bodies now," she said in her YouTube video. "And what's so amazing about inclusion and everything that's happening right now is that the bodies that we're seeing in this concept of all bodies are great bodies. I am into that, because my daughters need to know that their bodies are important, and I express to them, 'Your body is perfect, and you are great, and this body — you get one body, so treat it really, really well.' "


She Cooks

On her YouTube channel, Romano cooks with fellow Disney and child stars. Cooking has a lot of benefits. Harvard Health states, "The more people cook at home, the healthier their diet, the fewer calories they consume, and the less likely they are to be obese or develop type 2 diabetes. A growing body of scientific evidence supports teaching patients how to cook meals at home as an effective medical intervention for improving diet quality, weight loss, and diabetes prevention."


She Pushes Herself To Work Out

After having her second child, Romano pushed herself to work out. She shared these photos on Instagram of herself at the gym. Romano captioned the post, "I DID IT! My first workout postpartum and I feel amazing! Getting moving is going to help me feel better the more I do it! I think I was in my head for a long time during my second pregnancy and the last year. Now I don't even know why I pushed it off!"


She's Sober

Romano opened up about getting sober in a YouTube video. "I didn't really have any goals, I didn't really have any dreams, I didn't have a lot of feelings. Alcohol kept pushing them down. It wasn't helping me. It wasn't giving me anything I could grow from. It was a bad presence in my life."

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