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Claire Holt In Workout Gear Flashes Peace Sign From Padel Court

Here are her fitness tips.

Australian actress Claire Holt is fully into the Padel craze—even when she doesn't win. Holt, 35, shared a picture of herself wearing white shorts and a matching shirt, flashing the peace sign while posing on the court. The Originals star had a big smile on her face for her family. "I lost but at least James got this picture 🏆 @reservepadel," she captioned the post. "Winner of our hearts!" commented model Alexandra Baron. Here's how the busy mother-of-three stays fit, healthy, and happy.


Strength Training First Thing

Holt deliberately wakes up early to have some alone time and work out. "I usually wake at 5:15am to drink my coffee (in peace!), then exercise," she told Body+Soul. "I either run or do some form of strength training before the kids wake at 7. I've always been an early riser and I find it's the only time I'm motivated to work out. Once James and Elle wake, it becomes a little wild, so I really enjoy the 'me time'."


Organic Whole-Foods Diet

Holt keeps a clean, healthy diet when she's at home. "Protein, veg, a grain, and healthy fats," she told Body+Soul. "I try to eat organic produce and grass-fed animal protein. I also incorporate beans and plant based protein options. We do eat out a few nights a week and I'm not too strict about what is on my plate. I'll eat bread and dessert. I try to have an 80/20 balance. I spent many years focusing on my body and what I consumed, but since having kids everything has been put into perspective."


Sunscreen Every Day


Holt never, ever skips sunscreen as an adult. "One thing that I wish I did more of—and now it's so much a part of my routine—is sunscreen," she told New Beauty. "The sun is so strong in Australia and my parents were always hounding me about wearing it, and I was always, 'Oh no. I don't need that!' Of course, you're 15 years old and you don't think you're ever going to age, but it's something that, when growing up in Australia was so, so important. Now, I really see the effects of it. I will not leave the house—I will not leave my bedroom in the morning—without wearing sunscreen."


Cold Water Immersion

Holt is fully onto the cold therapy wellness trend. "I really love cold water immersion," she told Body+Soul. "I try to cold plunge a few times a week, and when I don't have access to an ice bath I have a cold shower. I find it gives me so much energy, and my body and mind feel so much better when I'm consistent about it."


No Impossible Standards

Holt wants women to stop being so hard on themselves, especially after having children. "Why do we feel like we have to be multi-hyphenates?" she wrote on her website. "To wear a million hats in order to legitimize our chosen life path. It's funny when you think about it, since a mum is the ultimate multi-hyphenate. Doctor-therapist-teacher-coach-policeman-chef-chief of staff…..the list goes on. That's not to say that ambition is a bad thing. I love to work and I love feeling inspired."

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