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Coronation Street Star Brooke Vincent In Workout Gear Says "I'm a Geek"

She’s proud to see her name in lights.

Coronation Street star Brooke Vincent is celebrating seeing her face on a giant billboard, and sharing her joy with her social media followers. Vincent, 32, posted a picture of herself wearing red joggers and a gray sweatshirt, posing outside the Theatre Royal in Norwich, UK. "I'm a geek. I know! @syndicatetheplay 💛🎭," she captioned the post. "Giving flashbacks to Manchester billboard 🤩🥺 Proud of you 👏🏼 Keep smashing it ❤️," commented a fan. Here's how the actress stays strong, fit, and happy.


Personal Trainer

Vincent works out with a personal trainer who pushes her to perform at her best. "When I train, the focus is on quality, over quantity, so I do three one-hour gym sessions each week," she told Women's Health. "I'll do 45 minutes of weight work such as barbell squats, overhead presses and back extensions, which I love, plus 10-15 minutes of track work with the sled and prowler, which is hard but great cardio."


Weight Training

Vincent loves weight training sessions. "Each session has a whole-body approach but always includes lots of exercises to target the glutes and the core," she told Women's Health. "I get out of breath really quickly – then tell myself I can't do it and stop – so I prefer working out with weights, which is more of a slow burner. I can feel it, but I don't get breathless or too hot."


Protein and Vegetables


Vincent used to live on fast food before transforming her health and diet. "Now I start the day with a two-egg omelet with brown sauce – because I don't really like eggs; have smashed avocado on sourdough, or a chicken salad for lunch; and eat salmon or steak with vegetables for dinner," she told Women's Health. "If I'm hungry between meals, I'll snack on fruit or have a chocolate whey protein shake or Grenade bar."


No Smoking


Vincent was encouraged to stop smoking after taking part in Dancing On Ice. "I've stopped smoking for the show so I'm not out of breath when they are telling me I'm getting scores of nine and ten!" she told the Evening Standard. "I've come on a journey with my fitness, not really drank, have been eating well, training and it's been a lifestyle change for me."


Feeling Good

Vincent works out to feel good both outside and in. "For me, working out is not necessarily about losing weight," she told Manchester Evening News. "Yes, it's nice to be able to fit into jeans that used to be a bit tight for you, particularly after you've given birth. But it's more about putting energy into yourself, having a bit of 'me time' and having somewhere outside of your own home where you can clear your mind and have those feel-good endorphins from working out."