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Country Music Star Maren Morris Shares Swimsuit Photo as it's "Still Summer"

Here are her top health habits. 

Maren Morris is refusing to say goodbye to summer – in her swimsuit. In one of her latest social media posts, the Bones singer shows off her incredible body in an orange swimsuit while sharing some of her favorite summer activities. "Still summer if I can help it," she captioned the Instagram post. How does she stay so fit and happy? It all boils down to a few simple health habits.


Clean Eating

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Maren sticks to a clean diet. She starts her day with a protein-rich breakfast of three egg whites, spinach cooked in olive oil, and wheat toast. For lunch she keeps it simple, eating a salad with protein for lunch. She usually waits until after her shows to have dinner. "When I'm out there, I make it count. I know I'll feel awful if I don't eat right after burning all those calories in the show," she dished to Women's Health. For dinner, she will eat another salad, like skinless chicken over spinach with lemon vinaigrette.


HIIT Workouts

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Maren's workout method of choice? Regular HIIT sessions with Nashville-based trainer Erin Oprea. When she can't make it into the studio she uses Erin's Pretty Little Muscles app. Her workouts usually involve jump roping followed by bodyweight resistance strength training, doing exercises like front and side planks, pushups, squats, lunges, and a combo of the latter two. "Squat lunges are the worst," she said "They're so hard because that's the area I need it most—my thighs and butt." She then moves to the BOSU ball and does crunches and core work, followed by weight lifting with free weights. 




Maren also stays fit by hitting the court. "She has been playing tennis," Opera told E News. "I encourage clients to do their cardio outside of me. Sports are always the best way because when you're chasing a ball, you're not thinking about cardio." In her latest post, the singer shows her love of the sport by attending the US Open. 



Maren is an avid reader, sharing a photo of her latest book stack in her latest post. One Harvard study published in Social Science & Medicine found that people who read books regularly had a 20% lower risk of dying over the next 12 years compared with people who weren't readers or who read periodicals. 



Maren is a big proponent of therapy. After welcoming her son, Maren battled postpartum depression, and her husband, Ryan Hurd, guided her toward the mental health help she needed. "I do check-ins all the time [with] therapy, which I've done for years, and my husband was a huge help diagnosing that too," she told People. "Sometimes it's just someone really close to you saying, 'Are you OK?' It's so simple, but it kind of snaps you out of whatever fog you're in that you think is normal, but isn't."

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