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Criminal Minds Star Kelly Frye Shares Swimsuit Photo From the Pool

 Here are her lifestyle tips.

Criminal Minds star Kelly Frye is enjoying the fall, which means sunshine and pool time. Frye, who played Kristy Simmons on the show, shared a video of herself falling backwards into a pool in a black bikini, clearly having a very fun time. Another picture showed her posing with friends while wearing a red bikini, straw hat, and white shirt on top. Frye's career is going from strength to strength—here's how she lives her best, happiest life.


Strength From Mom

Frye is inspired by her mother to follow her dreams. "My mom is a strong woman herself, a constant inspiration and a great motivator," she says. "She gave my brothers and me the confidence to go after what we want in life. When my own confidence wavers, I call and ask her to tell me a few magic stories from our life. I call them 'magic stories' because they tend to be situations where fate has played a heavy hand. She's a wonderful storyteller and they always lift my spirits and remind me that what is meant to be will be. I attribute my ability to go after what I want completely to my mom. I surround myself with like-minded people and they motivate me every day in their pursuit of their dreams. It's never easy, but nothing worth having ever is."


Healthy Habits


Frye credits her beautiful complexion to healthy habits. "I hope I don't sound like a broken record, but this is something else I attribute to my mom," she says. "She's a redhead as well and has wonderful skin. She told me as a young woman to never smoke, drink much, or spend a lot of time in the sun. I don't smoke, drink much, or spend a lot of time in the sun, or if I am in the sun, I'm slathered in SPF 50+. I also eat plenty of vegetables, drink an inordinate amount of water, and go for long walks with my pup, Coco."


Family Business

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Frye comes from a family of entertainers, which made it easier to gather the courage to tackle the entertainment industry. "I come from a family filled with storytellers," she says. "My mom is one of the best, and my oldest brother is actually a playwright, theater director, and founder of the Catastrophic Theatre in Houston. But, I've always performed. I was a figure skater, too. In the back of my mind, I had always wanted to do this. The sensible part of my brain thought I needed to be a lawyer, so I went to school for business. Then I had a conversation with myself and my family and asked them what they thought. They agreed with me and told me that I only have one life, so I might as well try it. Thankfully, it's worked out, and I knew if it didn't, I could go back and still be fine. I love it, though. It's really fun to inhabit another person."


Outdoorsy Life

Frye loves her outdoor lifestyle in Austin, Texas. "Austin's energy is palpable," she says. "I love how Austin very much feels like Texas but also has a sprinkling of East Coast and West Coast mentality, with its trademark quirky undertone. I love a long run on Town Lake, taking my pup, Monty, to one of the many dog parks around town, and catching a movie at one of the Blue Starlite Drive-In locations. I really enjoy boating with friends who live on Lake Travis, and I loved boating to Ski Shores Cafe with friends, so I look forward to it reopening. A fun afternoon activity is checking out the sculpture garden at the Contemporary at Laguna Gloria or swimming at Barton Springs like my mom did when she was a little girl."


Sunblock Year Round

Frye never skips skin protection, and keeps her skin moisturized—which she found easier in Hawaii . "I wear sunblock year round," she says. "It's the one product I can't do without. Wintertime usually has me moisturizing a bit more to keep the dryness away… I LOVED living on Oahu. I must have been Hawaiian in a past life, because I take to Hawaii like a fish takes to water. It is what I imagine Heaven is like. I'd love to end up back there at some point."

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