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Dance Moms Star Mackenzie Ziegler Shares Swimsuit Photo "Beaching"

Here are her lifestyle habits.

Kenzie Zeigler is hitting the beach in her bathing suit. In a recent social media post the Dance Moms alum-slash-singer flaunts her incredible curves in a tiny swimsuit adorned with a cherry, driving her followers wild. "She's beaching," commented one. Another added, "stunning." How does the young star approach health and wellness? Celebwell rounded up her top lifestyle habits. 



She Loves Chips

In a confessional interview on Dance Moms, Kenzie said shed'd rather "stay home and eat chips," which became a meme. "I think it's the funniest thing ever. I'm a little embarrassed by it, but on the flip side, it's like kind of funny that people ask me 'How often do you often eat chips? How many chips do you eat in a day?' I'm like, I really don't eat chips everyday," she told E! Online, "My favorite chips right right now are the barbecue Lay's chips. I mean you can never go wrong with them. Also, on brand with the meme, so I feel like Lays always works." 


She Is Into Skincare

Kenzie takes care of her face. "I've been getting really into skincare. My sister [Maddie Ziegler] is a skincare freak, so she's kind of made me get into it. I'm also starting to break out now, this is the age where I'm breaking out. I have been using a lot of PCA Skin," she told E. 


She Tries to Be Her "Most Truthful Self" on Social Media


"I try to be my honest, most truthful self on social media," Kenzie told E about her approach to social media. "I want everyone to get to know me on a different level. I think it's more important for me that a celebrity I look up to connects with their fans. I think it's more important than anything. I want to try and do the same."


She Believes Confidence Is Key


"[Maddie] always told me to stay humble and believe in myself, because when I used to compete on the dance team, I was not confident at all. I was so scared of what everyone thought, and I think she helped me overcome that. She told me just to always believe in myself and have that mind-set. Now I realize that it doesn't really matter what anyone thinks of you. You just need to be yourself," Kenzie Coveteur when asked about how she stays confident. 


She Is Not Here for Trolls

"There are always really positive comments [on Instagram], but there are also really, really negative comments that are so rude. When I was little, I used to get so upset and cry about them. There's no reason for you to hate on someone if you don't even know who they are. There's no reason to hate on anyone, even if you know them. But there's so much bullying, and kids are actually getting very upset. I feel like we all just need to love each other and not be mean," Kenzie told Coveteur when asked how she handles online trolls. 

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