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Dancing On Ice Star Vanessa Bauer Shares Swimsuit Recap of 2023

How to train like a dancing queen.

Dancing On Ice star Vanessa Bauer is looking back on 2023 with an Instagram recap, and is feeling very grateful. Bauer shared a reel made up of her top moments of the year, with plenty of videos of the athlete wearing swimsuits in beautiful locations. "It sure has been tough but perspective is everything and so I am grateful for all the lessons learned. I'll keep growing, working hard, dreaming big, grateful for where I am and so excited for where I'm headed. Thank you so much for your continued support, to my new followers and the close ones that know 🥰Much love 🫶🏼," she captioned the post. Here's what Bauer's training and wellness regimen looks like.


Ab Routine

Bauer works hard to get her incredible abs. "You can train your abs three hours a day and still not see results if you're not eating the right things," she tells Best Health. "Before abs can become visible, you need to burn fat by doing cardio. In addition to your normal workout, always add 10-minutes of a variation of ab exercises. Do this every day and you will see results!"


Her Daily Routine

Bauer always starts her day with a bowl of healthy oats for energy. "When I am in a show contract like the CNE where we have shows every day, I tend to use the show, the warm up and the cool down as my workout," she tells Best Health. "Other than that, I listen to what my body needs—and mostly it screams: give me some yoga and stretching. On a typical day, I'll wake up at 9 am and have a big glass of water before I go into a stretching and meditation session. After breakfast, depending on what I have on my agenda, I do some work. Then, in the evening, I'll go to the gym for a half-hour of cardio and an hour of body weight and resistance training. And usually, I'll finish with a cool down of stretching for 20 minutes."


Learning to Roller Skate

Bauer learned to roller skate during the pandemic lockdowns. "I am not usually a very emotional person, but at the start of lockdown I was crying a lot," she tells The Telegraph. "Ice rinks everywhere had closed and I usually skate every single day because I am so passionate about it. I headed home to Berlin and I was very depressed for at least the first two weeks or so of the lockdown. But then I got sent my new roller boots that mimic ice-skating even off the ice. They feel so much like ice skating. It was such a cool side hobby to learn during this lockdown and now my off-ice skating looks just as graceful as my ice skating. I can do most of the things I would do on the ice outside on the street."


Yoga and Running

Bauer recommends roller skating to all her ice skating peers. "I think any other ice-skaters missing their sport should get a pair of off-ice skates, they are great fun. To be ready to get back on the ice after lockdown, skaters have to do a lot," she tells The Telegraph. "You have to do home workouts and go running, because until you go back on the ice you do not realize how much of a workout ice skating is. The minute you are not skating, you realize an hour on the ice just burns so much energy. I'm also a personal trainer and yoga teacher, so I do a lot of home workouts."


Ice Skating Health Benefits

Bauer's job is a workout in itself. "Ice skating is an activity where you work almost every major muscle group with an emphasis on the lower body and core (abdominal) muscles," says M. Kathryn Steiner, MD, for the New England Baptist Hospital. "Maintaining your balance as you work yourself across the ice is a great challenge that engages your core and builds stability through the legs. Skating is a low impact activity, which causes less stress on the joints, in comparison to other exercises like running. However, once you begin jumping and spinning, skating can become high impact."

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