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Danica Patrick In Red Two-Piece Workout Gear Dances At the Gym

Here are her health and fitness tips.

Former professional racing driver Danica Patrick is taking a break from her training schedule to have a little fun at the gym. Patrick, 41, shared a video of herself wearing red shorts and a matching tank top, dancing with her friends. "And just in case you thought the mind or heart was the only thing we worked out…… no! The physical is part of it too! Thanks to the high vibe gym crew! 💪🏼," she captioned the post. Patrick may be retired but she has no intention of slowing down—here's what her diet and fitness routine looks like.


She Has a Yoga Room

Patrick has a room in her house dedicated to yoga. "I call it my 'wo-man cave.' I have two yoga mats and blocks and bands and you name it," she told The Cut. "I also have a table for sewing, and arts and crafts. I make all kinds of random things. My dogs love being in there, but when I'm doing yoga it is a little hard to relax when they're licking my face and crawling underneath me. I just do the yoga on top of them and they move. They finally clear off the mat when I go to upward dog because I take up most of it."


No Grains or Dairy

Patrick doesnt eat gluten, grains, or dairy. "Anybody that thinks healthy food tastes bad just doesn't try hard enough or they really don't want to eat healthy and they're just coming up with an excuse," she told Miami Living. "I mean, look, that's very, very aggressive and blunt, but the truth is, you do have to put a little effort into it. We eat a lot of fish. We don't really eat so much meat as in birds or cows. Salads are actually harder to make than people think. I'm mostly eating paleo without the meat parts."


Gua Sha Skincare


Patrick travels with her gua sha kit. "I swear by gua sha, I think lymphatic drainage is so important," she told Women's Health. "I use the Wildling Empress Stone at home and take the Empress Platinum stainless steel one for travel so it doesn't break. And I travel so much that I have a skincare kit I never unpack and always take with me."


CrossFit Sessions

Danica Patrick/Instagram

Patrick loves challenging herself with CrossFit sessions. "We converted a barn into a CrossFit gym," she told The Cut. "We're friends with the fittest man in the world, Rich Froning. He won the CrossFit Games four years in a row. Rich helps out with some of our programming. But we've done CrossFit long enough and I travel enough that I make them up myself, too. There's no 'wrong' workout, there's only one that ends up being either a little too easy or a little too hard."


Introvert Me-Time

Patrick needs time alone every day to recharge her social batteries. "I'm quite an introvert, so I love having alone time," she told Women's Health. "So that's really good for recharging and rebalancing. And then I have a chunk of supplements that I take in the morning. I take glutathione, vitamin D, I take DHEA, probiotics, digestive enzymes from BIOptimizers, beta-alanine, and creatine."

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