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Danielle Bradbery Shows Off Toned Figure in Black Workout Pants and a Tank Top on Tour

Six ways country singer Danielle Bradbery stays in shape. 

10 years ago a then 16-year-old Danielle Bradbery won season 4 of The Voice and has since gone on to make it in Nashville with chart-topping hits of her own. Bradbery is currently on tour and recently showed off her toned figure in black workout pants and a tank top while doing soundcheck before her performance in Green Bay. The county artist keeps up her energy on the road by squeezing in workouts and we take a closer look at how the star stays in shape. Read on. 


She Takes Vitamin C and Other Supplements

To help stay healthy, Bradbery takes a few supplements. In an interview with Nashville Edit, she said, "Vitamin C for the immune system. I usually take some CBD oil and Magnesium Glycinate in the evening or to end my day because they're relaxing supplements and since I deal with migraines, they assist with easing any inflammation, etc."


She Forces Herself to Work Out

Between a busy schedule and just not being motivated, it's easy to skip the gym, but Bradbery fights off the urge not to go. "It's not easy! Staying in a routine is definitely a challenge because I'll be honest, I can get lazy." 


She Focuses on Her Core

Bradbery loves to do core exercises. She told the outlet, "When I'm in a groove for abs I do: sitting twist, reverse crunches, knee to elbow, and plank rolls." 


She Uses Weights

To help get lean toned muscles, the singer works out with weights. "Overall, I use weights because I want to build muscle, but that's not for everyone and just what I find best for my body," she told the outlet. "Do whatever routines fit best for you!"


She Loves Hip-Hop Classes


Another way Bradbery stays in shape is by dancing. "I love going to hip-hop class, I love to dance," she told Nashville Edit. "I love boxing (great workout). I love horseback riding whenever I can. And those are just some. I'm always down for an adventure. I love being outdoors!"


She Indulges

Delicious spaghetti with Bolognese sauce served on a black plateShutterstock

Bradbery loves Italian food and a specific restaurant in Nashville–Maggiano's. "My go-to order is the angel hair pasta with meat sauce and ALL their bread!"

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