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Denise Austin in Workout Gear Recreates "30 Years Ago"

Here’s how she stays in shape.

Denise Austin is a fitness maven. She has her own wellness guide, app, and blog. Austin also filmed fitness TV shows, and shared a throwback of it on Instagram. In it, she did the workouts she did on the show. Austin captioned the post, "THEN and NOW!!! 30 years ago and just now!!!!!  I LOVED filming my TV shows all those years!!! And  I feel so grateful I am still feeling just as energized NOW!!! Staying consistent with my routines is KEY to feeling my BEST now and for the years to come!!! Longevity Baby!!!I truly appreciated my time filming these workout TV Shows in beautiful locations and love even more that these exercises can still benefit your health today!! If you haven't moved your body yet today, I invite you to join me in getting stronger and increasing your energy with this simple FUN  grapevine move you can do anytime!! AND for even more workouts, from then and now check out my Denise Austin app!!" How does she stay so fit? Read on to see 5 ways Denise Austin stays in shape and the photos that prove they work.


She Does Core Workouts

Austin makes sure to work her core. She shared her favorite exercise in this Instagram post. Austin captioned the post, "That Menopausal Belly…. Yes, I know how tough that stubborn menopause belly can be, I've been through it and still trying my best to stay fit and healthy!!! Core muscles are so important to keep strong…I just want to encourage you to try and be consistent! That is key to feeling better.. just keep moving…Here's a Menopause ab exercise that's simple but effective!! Plus, it's easy and it's a standing exercise that works your entire core – abs, obliques, back and shoulders! Stand up and try with me today! Engage those abs!!!! It's also great for circulation too!!!! Love you girls.. we are all in this together!!!!!"


She Cooks Easy Meals

In this post on her blog, Austin shared her secrets to healthy eating. She says that she makes simple, easy, healthy meals. "My recipes are easy to make on purpose – I have said it many times: If it's not easy or tasty, I won't cook it!!! That's why I worked with a registered dietician to come up with recipes that will appeal to the whole family, are easy to make, and taste amazing. It's like a virtual cookbook of quick and yummy recipes right at your fingertips! Everything you need to incorporate healthy, delicious, nutritious foods into your lifestyle!"


She Plays Pickleball


Austin shared some of her favorite hobbies in this blog post. She revealed that she loves pickleball. "Like so many of you, I am a pickleball convert… it's so much fun!! It's not only fun to play, but it's great for those of us over 50 – win, win! Pickleball is an aerobic workout that is easier on the joints and muscles than some other sports, plus it gets those endorphins going so you get a mood boost, too! With courts popping up everywhere, now is the perfect time to give pickleball a try. This season I plan to continue to play with my family, but also find some new people to play with too!"


She Grows Herbs

Denise Austin/Instagram

Austin likes to incorporate fresh herbs in her diet. In the previous blog post, she revealed that she grows her own herbs. "I don't have a large yard for a big garden, so instead I am growing fresh herbs. Basil, parsley, mint, dill, and cilantro are ones I am excited to get growing and use in everything from salad dressings and cold salads to beverages (check out my blog post on how to drink less soda and more water – herbs can help!). You can grow herbs in little pots indoors wherever you have good sunlight, and fresh herbs have nutrients and vitamins, so this spring hobby is a great one to try!"


She Does A Lot Of Cardio

Austin shared her fitness secrets in this blog post. She says that she incorporates a lot of cardio into her life. "Cardio is another key factor when it comes to a healthy lifestyle. And the good news is, it just takes a little bit! My goal is always 30-minutes of walking, 3-5 times per week. Make sure to push yourself and get your heart rate up, not only does cardio strengthen your heart but it will help you to burn calories too! If you're looking for some great cardio workouts, download my app and join me today. There are over 400 workouts and counting – I add more every month!"

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