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Denise Austin In Workout Gear Shares 5-Minute Workout For "Fresh Start"

Here are her fitness tips.

Celebrity trainer and fitness icon Denise Austin is 66 and still unstoppable. Austin is passionate about the importance of strength training and working out no matter what your age—and her social media is proof. Austin shared a video of herself wearing a red tank top and pink leggings, encouraging her followers to hit the ground running in February. "A new month means a fresh start, the beginning of a new chapter! Start today with my Good Morning Stretch Workout! This 5-minute workout that will get your blood moving and your body stretched from head to toe, to promote circulation and overall health – including the health of your heart! Perfect timing since February is Heart Health Month!" she captioned the post. Here's how Austin stays fit and focused.


Moderate Approach

Austin has been working out for decades and is yet to suffer a serious injury. How? By never pushing herself too far (this is good advice for anyone!). "I think it's honestly because I don't overdo anything," she told Women's Health. "I'm very moderate and well-balanced in my approach. I do a little bit of strength, a little bit of cardio, and a little bit of flexibility training. I think all three are really important."  


80/20 Rule

Austin has followed the 80/20 rule for decades. "I'm into eating whole foods. I don't starve myself, and I don't think other people should either," she told AARP. "But I give myself 'cheat meals' 20 percent of the time. It's about balance. If I do indulge, it might be on a glass of red wine or dessert if I'm out. And I love Mexican food."


Isometric Exercises


Austin knows posture is incredibly important—in fact, she says it's her favorite tip. "If you're slouched over, first of all, your tummy has nowhere else to go but out," she told Fox News Digital. "But if you sit up nice and tall, put your shoulders down and back and zip up those abs. "Keeping your spine healthy is so important. And then when you're standing up nice and tall, you can kind of tighten up your tummy for five seconds. That's equal to one sit up. So, you could be doing these isometric exercises throughout the day that really work your muscles."


Yoga and Strength Training

Austin does 30-minute strength training workouts three times a week. "I can cram so much into 30 minutes," she told Women's Health. "In that time, I also don't over-exert my knees or my hips. I have great knees and hips and my back is still so strong. I mix up my routine all the time. If my girlfriends or my sister are available to go for a walk, I'll do a longer walk with them instead of doing my own thing that day. I love to stretch and I feel so good after yoga, so I mix it up and do yoga at home or at a class when I'm in the mood or craving it. I think that's what has kept me going, too, all these years—mixing it up keeps your routine from going stale and becoming boring and no longer motivating."


Get Moving!

Austin's best fitness advice is to just move in a way that is consistent and sustainable. "Just do something that makes you feel good," she told Fox News Digital. "I love to walk for fitness. I love to do light weights to get strong and stay strong. I like to stretch and do yoga. Mixing it up is really fabulous. That way you're surprising different muscle groups, and you kind of keep everything going and not plateau. I really think anybody that enjoys what they're doing — maybe it's pickleball, tennis, any form of fitness — just move. Move as often as you can. Standing up burns more calories than sitting down."

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