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Disha Patani In Workout Gear Takes Her Dog To the Gym

Here are her fitness tips.

Indian actress Disha Patani is sharing her workouts—and very sweet pup—with her 61 million Instagram followers. Patani, 31, shared a story of herself posing in orange shorts and a sports bra, cuddling her dog at the gym. "Post-shoot sun baked skin and dusty hair but it's an off," reads the text over her post where she cuddles her pet on a yoga mat. Patani is known for her intense fitness routine and devotion to health and wellness—here's how she focuses on being strong and full of energy. 


Never Skips Her Workouts

Disha Patani/Instagram

Patani treats her workout routine as non-negotiable in everyday life. "I keep it simple and practical with my fitness and health," she told Vogue India. "I maintain a balanced diet, and ensure that I regularly workout and keep myself hydrated at all times. No matter where I'm shooting, I make time to work out—which could be in the form of dancing, kickboxing or a regular gym session. I like experimenting and trying new forms of exercise which suits my body. Also, if I am shooting an action movie, I work on my physical strength and form rather than focusing on cardio."


80 Percent Diet, 20 Percent Workout

Disha Patani/Instagram

Patani knows how important a healthy diet is for fitness and strength. "To me, fitness is not just about looking a certain shape or size; it's about having a healthy mind," she told HELLO! India. "I want to be strong and gain more muscles as I like dancing and gymnastics. A strong muscle tone will help me move faster and jump higher. It's 80 percent diet, 20 percent workout. I need to consume more protein to get muscular. I weight train, I do cardio and even enjoy kickboxing and martial arts."


Open About Feelings

Disha Patani/Instagram

Patani is learning to feel more comfortable about sharing her feelings. "I feel like as girls we have a lot of issues which we deal with anyway, and while at a lot of times I can feel things weighing me down, I feel that when it happens it's because I am losing my focus and sight of my goals," she told Cosmopolitan. "At this point and age, I think more about my life, instead of being here or being there. Things like…am I happy? I do feel very grateful for my friends now who come from all walks of life. One thing I have started doing recently though is I talk about how I am feeling. While before I would keep things bottled up, I am opening up to people I can talk to freely at the end of the day."


No Alcohol


Patani doesn't drink alcohol, which can make social occasions challenging at times. "I'm very shy and I don't drink. So when I attend parties and people get drunk and uninhibited in their behavior, it gets awkward," she told HELLO! India. "I'm comfortable hanging out with my team or my colleagues, but I'm wary of strangers."


Makeup Wipes

Patani always keeps makeup wipes on hand. "I strongly believe in a fuss-free cleansing, toning, moisturizing regime that I practice daily without fail," she told Vogue India. "If it's easy and it works, I am way more likely to do it. One of my favorite face mists would have to be MAC Cosmetics's Prep + Prime Fix Plus, which helps to keep my skin hydrated between shoots, for outings, after the gym, everywhere. I especially like to keep it in my gym bag for a quick refresh after a grueling session."

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