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Draya Michele Shows Off Glutes in New Instagram Photo

In it, she posed poolside in a red swimsuit.

Draya Michele is a popular TV personality, model, and fashion designer. She's best known for appearing on Basketball Wives LA. She also has several clothing lines, including a swimwear line called Mint Swim. Michele modeled a piece from her line in a recent Instagram post. In it, she posed poolside in a red swimsuit. How does she stay so fit? Read on to see 5 ways Draya Michele stays in shape and the photos that prove they work.


She Limits Things In Her Diet

Draya Michele/Instagram

Michele opened up about her diet in an interview with BET. She says that she is limiting certain things. However, Michele also says that what she cuts out will depend on what she's doing that day. "My downfalls are sweets. I really love sweets. And alcohol goes with partying. If I'm going to drink, I try to diet. If I'm not going to diet, I try to skip dessert


She Limits Meat

Draya Michele/Instagram

In the same BET interview, Michele revealed that she has made a change to her diet. "I am six months pescatarian. I've tried to limit my chicken and red meat consumption a lot." According to the Mayo Clinic, eating a plant-based or pescatarian diet has a lot of benefits. "Research shows that people who eat red meat are at a higher risk of death from heart disease, stroke or diabetes. Processed meats also make the risk of death from these diseases go up. And what you don't eat also can harm your health. Diets low in nuts, seeds, seafood, fruits and vegetables can also make your health risks go up. The good news is that even eating less red and processed meat has a positive effect on health."


She Eats Healthy Breakfasts

In this YouTube video, Michele shared some of her tips for staying motivated each day. She says that a good breakfast is something that helps her out. "Tip number one, I like to get up, and I like to have a cup of coffee to get me going, and a nice, neat breakfast," she says. "I can't have anything unless I have my coffee."


She Uses Her Apple Watch


For Michele, having an Apple Watch helps her workout. In her YouTube video, she says that this is another thing that motivates her. "Number two is, if it's gonna be a workout day, I definitely need to make sure I charge my watch. I have gotten so used to working out with my watch, and it tracking my heart rate, my calories, my activity in general that I don't feel as productive doing a workout without it."


She Works Out With Music

Michele revealed in her YouTube video that a good playlist is essential for her workouts. "Step number three, the right kind of music," she says. "You gotta have your good tunes, right? Depending on what type of day it is or just how I feel, I definitely change music. I never workout to the same type of music. I listen to all genres of music." Reid Health states that music is a great way to motivate you to workout. "Music competes with the sensations of working out — an escalating heartbeat sweat and that 'wrung out' muscle feeling — and often wins your attention, distracting you from the negative physical feelings, says Scientific American. Because music elevates mood, it can motivate you to keep going through physical discomfort.

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