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Dune Star Rebecca Ferguson Shares Swimsuit Photo "Over 40"

40 never looked so good.

Dune star Rebecca Ferguson recently celebrated a milestone birthday and posted a funny selfie to mark the occasion. Ferguson, 40, shared a picture of herself posing in a yellow one-piece swimsuit, with a heavy coat and boots as well. "Come on over 40!" she captioned the post. "Welcome to the 40 Club!" a fan commented. Here's how the actress approaches her high-action movie roles, including her training and diet.


Training For Mission Impossible


Ferguson trained for six hours a day, five days a week for her role alongside Tom Cruise on Mission: Impossible—Rogue Nation. "Pilates was the ground floor," she says. "It's such a good way of keeping your body safe. There is so much technique in fighting—how do you hold your fist, where does the motion come from. I had to learn to run fast—so we did a lot of explosive running. When we started filming, we kept the training up as much as possible. When you see a sequence that is 30 seconds long, it has taken weeks of preparation."


Doing Her Own Stunts


Cruise's daredevil attitude clearly rubbed off on Ferguson, who also did her own stunts for Rogue Nation. "I did nearly all of the stunts myself. I knew I could back out at any second—they had a stunt double ready," she says. "But I think that's what made me do it. I had to jump off a Vienna rooftop with my legs strapped around Tom Cruise on the first day! Later on in the film, there's a 120-foot fall. It is scary. You need to get a lot of camera angles, so we had to do it ten times!"


Farm Life


Ferguson lives on a farm in the Swedish countryside with her family, and wants to become as self-sufficient as possible. "We're looking to create some sort of eco-bio produce to be able to have some sort of a nice rotation of veggies," she says. "Maybe get some lambs and we're also surrounded by such knowledgeable people in the area, so yeah, a kind of living that is so wonderful if you have the possibility. Because it is a big farm, friends can stay there, or even move in if they want to; it's about creating this wonderful community for all of our kids where they can just run around, we can have a pool in the barn and build treehouses, so there's so much space for people to do whatever they want to and just create. I love it, I just love being in nature."


No Sugar For 8 Months


Ferguson had a nutritionist on set while filming Rogue Nation. "Yes, because much goes into the training regimen," she says. "If you start being stupid and think that you're going to look good because you don't eat, you won't be able to get through it. We're given good carbs, good protein, lots of sweet potatoes. [My food plan] was completely dependent on the scene that I was doing. If I wasn't exercising too much, I ate more salads and vegetables. I did cut out sugar for eight months."


Typecasting Worries

Ferguson sometimes feels boxed in by always playing the "strong" female roles. "I feel frustrated by the pitfall of doing things that are not completely different, from a creative aspect," she says. "People enjoy what I do, but it's recognized in a similar way. It makes me see that I'm trying to put together something that is shaped by other people, and I want to break out of it."


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