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7 Fat-Blasting Strategies From Emilia Clarke for a Fit Physique

This is how she stays strong and healthy. 

Game of Thrones star Emilia Clarke is no stranger to playing strong, commanding women on screen. Clarke, 36, is an old hand at transforming for movie and television work, but also has a solid routine in place for her downtime. It's not all hardcore workouts and restrictive diets—instead, Clarke focuses on nurturing her body and being her strongest self. Here's what the British actress does to stay healthy and fit, and why even Arnold Schwarzenegger was impressed by her abilities.


More Protein, Less Sugar

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Clarke focused on eating more protein and eliminating sugar for her role in 2015 movie Terminator Genisys. "It was really fun to do different kinds of training than what I would do myself and feel strong," says Clarke. "[When you finish], you're like, 'Please, can I have cake? Like, a chocolate cake, and a beer?'" Clarke's co-star Arnold Schwarzenegger was impressed by her skills. "It's pretty tough to live up to this kind of part, but she did a fantastic job, especially with the handling of the weapons in the fight scenes," he says.


Martial Arts Training

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Clarke had to undergo an intense training regimen which included plenty of martial arts and weapons training. "I've been spending all day, every day in weapons training," she said at the time. "I've been shooting guns, weightlifting, and kickboxing."


Lean and Clean Diet


Clarke works out with trainer James Duigan, who is also responsible for her "Lean and Clean" diet which eliminated processed foods. "Becoming Clean and Lean is achievable for everyone and is more like an education on how to be healthy on our own rather than always following a strict regime," Duigan says. "This is about changing habits and understanding what you eat and how it affects your body – soon this will become second nature."


Yoga Every Morning

Clarke starts the day with yoga and meditation. "The morning time is for me to try and calm my brain down," she says. "I do yoga every morning for 15 minutes. I meditate, then I get to my beauty care. I use a cleanser, toner and moisturizer. If I need it, I'll do a sheet mask; I use Rodial Pink Diamond. I'll put it on and get into the shower since I don't get my face wet. I'll also use a face roller after moisturizing."


Sleep Health

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Clarke knows how important sleep is to overall fitness and strength. "[Recently] I've been meditating before going to sleep," she says. "I use the Calm app, it's so good and sometimes when I'm desperate I use the Sleep Stories [on the app]. They really work, and apparently all it takes is a story about a train to send me to sleep!"


Walking and Weights

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Clarke focuses on low-impact exercises to build strength and feel good. "During lockdown I saw my trainer online, and we do a mix of stuff," she says. "I've tried every exercise under the sun – I am not a HIIT girl and don't try and make me run. I want to do things that stretch me out as much as possible – light weights and a little bit of body weight stuff make me feel strong and aligned, but not like a 'she-Hulk'. What we do is make sure everything is in the right place and my back is straight, as that's when I feel strong and good. I also walk everywhere."


Foam Roller


Clarke uses a foam roller at the end of the day. "I use a foam roller in the morning and sometimes before I go to bed," she says. "With my job, I'm standing, fighting or doing a photoshoot and having meetings with people. I get home and just feel so tense. I might do an Epsom salt bath. Anything you can do to relax your muscles will allow your brain to relax, too. I'll journal, and if I have time I'll meditate. I sleep with an eye mask, a silk one."

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