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Emma Raducanu in Tight Workout Gear Says "I Love It Here"

Here’s how she trains.

British tennis champion Emma Raducanu is soaking up the sunshine in beautiful New Zealand. Raducanu, 21, shared pictures from her trip, with one snap of her on the beach, wearing a white tennis skirt and Nike sports top. Another picture showed an incredible spread of food, including her favorite, salmon. "Beautiful place, I love it here 👋 NZ 🥲," she captioned the post. Here's what Raducanu's training and diet look like, on season and off.


Training Routine

Raducanu's tennis training is understandably intense. "For a training week, I'd probably wake up, do a good warm-up [for] 20-30 minutes, and then get on the court for an hour and a half, have some lunch, and then get on court again for another hour and a half," she told Wall Street Journal. "And then probably do an hour, hour and a half of gym at the end of the day and then some treatment to keep my body in shape. It's pretty intense, and it definitely takes a lot out of you. It's important to keep rest days as well. I do yoga because I think it's important to keep the flexibility, because we get into all sorts of positions on the tennis court. I think yoga is so calming and it's one of those activities I do that I get completely lost when I'm doing it."


Non-Tennis Activities

Raducanu is careful about sports outside of training. "There are a lot that I love and used to do, but can't really anymore, such as motocross and go-karting," she told Vogue UK. "I don't have as much time and need to be more careful to stay injury free, but I love to go fast and push myself out of my comfort zone. I am a big fan of running, particularly during the last couple of years. I find it's a great time to switch off and think about things on my own."


Salmon Three Times a Day


Raducanu is obsessed with delicious, nutritious salmon. "I have smoked salmon three times a day, at least," she told Wall Street Journal. "That's something people might not know about me. Literally, I'm addicted to smoked salmon, I have it for every single meal. I can eat it in any way, shape, or form. I can have it on its own, I can have it with egg, I can have it with rice. It's really versatile."


Sleep Health

Raducanu is trying to work on her sleep health as it impacts her game. "I definitely feel like I function much better when I have a lot of sleep but I'm not the best sleeper," she told Wall Street Journal. It's something that I really cherish when I do have a good night of sleep. I try to get at least eight hours but I'm aiming for nine and when I'm playing a match, then I'll definitely go nine above, maybe 10, because I feel like every edge helps."


Cleansing and Bath Time

Raducanu's night time routine consists of skincare and bath time. "My beauty non-negotiable is to always cleanse my skin before bed – I find that it's vital to avoid breakouts because of all the sweat I accumulate while training during the day," she told Vogue UK. "I only wear light make-up so don't need a long removal process; I like to use Dior's La Mousse OFF/ON because it makes my skin feel very fresh – I think that's important before you go to sleep and for waking up the next morning. It's light in texture, so smooth and natural, which is important to me… For me, the best bath is after a hard day's work and involves soaking in hot water and relaxing. I'll often use Epsom salts, which are very good for muscle recovery, and some nice, scented bubble bath too. Sometimes I'll read a book and take my time."

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