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Emma Slater In Workout Gear Dances At the Beach With Harry Jowsey

Here are her fitness tips.

Dancing With the Stars' Emma Slater is preparing for the official show tour to wrap up, and she's clearly a little sad about the fun coming to an end. Slater, 35, shared a cute video of herself wearing black jogging pants and an athletic shirt, dancing on the beach with Harry Jowsey, Rylee Arnold, and Alan Bersten. "Final week on tour 🥹," Jowsey captioned the video. "Can't believe it's nearly over 😢," Slater commented on the video. Here's what Slater's training, wellness, and fitness routine looks like. 


Dance-Based Workouts

Slater's workouts are, unsurprisingly, dance-based. "I love to do workouts such as bar method training, which is the perfect mix of Pilates, dance and cardio for me," she told New Beauty. "While the DWTS tour is happening, we get a lot of cardio in just by doing the show, but all the female dancers usually still went to the gym together during the day. I like to do leg lifts out to the side and behind me, alternating each leg. To mix it up, you can add some push-ups in between changing sides so you can get a more complete workout. Planking is the best for a strong core!"


Water and Warm Ups

Slater stays hydrated and always stretches before and after her workouts. "I try to drink lots of water; it's such a key element to staying healthy and active," she told New Beauty. My football legend celebrity partner Rashad Jennings took over our daily warm-ups and we did lots of hamstring stretches through a series of drills over a 20-yard stretch. I also needed to warm my neck up a lot too because I am most prone to tight shoulders and neck twinges!"


Rest and Recovery

Slater is careful to allow the right amount of time for recovery after dancing. "It's hard to maintain an injury-free body when you are doing that amount of dancing," she told Richmond Family Magazine. "We travel with a physical therapist, Sandra. She warms us up, provides us with ice packs and stretches us out. She works on any injuries or stress on our bodies."


Movie Dreams

Slater would love to make more movies. "I definitely would love to act even a little bit more and put my foot into the door there," she told Nicki Swift. "I feel like dancing and acting are so closely linked in the sense it's a form of expression, and that's probably why I became a dancer. I wanted to be an actress first so doing Mamma Mia! was so fun for me, getting to work with Meryl Streep."


Hair On Set

Slater is thrilled with how the beauty department on set takes care of her and develops amazing new looks. "The hair department at DWTS is no joke!" she told New Beauty. "They seriously have everything you can think of that involves hair. Hair pieces, products, heat tools, nets, accessories, wigs and the list goes on. One of my favorite looks was a dreadlock look that I did while dancing a mambo with Tommy Chong. Mary who is the head of the hair department added blond dreadlock clips to my hair and crimped my natural hair in between it for a really voluminous 'Islander' effect. I loved it!"

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