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Euphoria Star Storm Reid Shares Swimsuit Video

Read on to see how she stays fit.

Storm Reid has done a lot in her career, and she only recently turned 20. Reid has starred in projects like A Wrinkle In Time, 12 Years A Slave, and When They See Us. She currently stars on Euphoria and recently earned an Emmy Nomination for her supporting role in The Last Of Us. Reid also has her own line of swimwear and advertised her newest collection on Instagram this week. How does she stay so fit? Read on to see 5 ways Storm Reid stays in shape and the photos that prove they work.


She Tries To Stay Active On A Regular Basis

Earlier this year, the then 19-year-old Reid shared some of her wellness secrets with Bustle. She says that she tries to do some physical activity each day. "My body wakes up pretty early, especially when I'm at school. If I'm at school, I'm usually trying to fit in the gym before or after class. If I'm working, I try to stay as active as possible and then I go to set. But I try to get up as early as possible or as early as my body feels comfortable with."


She Doesn't Put Too Much Pressure On Herself


Reid tells Bustle that she doesn't like to pressure herself. "It's all about accepting how I feel. I try not to be too hard on myself and give myself grace. I do have a pretty hectic life and it sometimes feels like I'm being pulled in so many different directions. When I do get the time to relax and take a deep breath and process how I'm feeling, it's always the most beneficial."


She Keeps Her Skincare Simple


Reid shared some of her skincare secrets with Bustle. She says that she doesn't like to do too much to her face. "I keep my skin care routine pretty simple. I've been loving the Tatcha Rice Wash cleanser. I have sensitive skin so I try not to do too much — just a cleanser, moisturizer, SPF, a little bit of toner, an eye cream, and that's it."


She Gets Enough Protein


Reid makes sure to eat healthy. She tells Bustle that she likes to incorporate a lot of protein into her diet. "I tend to not eat breakfast that much nowadays, but if I do, I love eggs. I'll have eggs for protein and sometimes avocado toast. It really depends on how fancy I'm feeling."


She Goes To The Beach

As you can see from her recent Instagram post, Reid loves to spend time outside. She likes to spend time at the beach. Reid shared this set of photos on Instagram of herself wading in the ocean in the Bahamas. states that going to the beach has a lot of benefits. "An important thing that a trip to the beach brings is fresh and clean air. People can relax when they are on the beach because it is easier to breathe there. The wind on the beach contains negative ions which aid in trouble-free breathing. People who have trouble breathing have a different experience whenever they visit a beach."

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