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FBI: International Star Heida Reed Shares Swimsuit Photo From Los Angeles

She loves taking baths.

FBI: International actress Heida Reed spent part of the summer back in her home country of Iceland, and also enjoyed the August sunshine in Los Angeles. Reed, 35, shared pictures from her time off, including one of her lying out on a deck in a swimsuit, an open book shielding her face from the California sun. "August 🌴," she captioned the post. "Looks like a great August!" a fan commented. Reed has become a truly international person both on and off screen—here is how she lives her life.


Stunt Performers


Reed has many scenes in FBI: International where she is fighting or defending herself. According to the actress, the cast rely on stunt performers to make their action scenes both safe and realistic. "We have amazing stunt performers, and they work incredibly hard to step in for these shots and make us look cool," she says.


Tea and Bacon Sandwiches

Lisa Fotios/Pexels

Reed fully embraced the British diet and way of life while filming Poldark in the UK. "The whole tea thing is absolutely spot on," she says. "When British people go 'you think we just drink tea and eat biscuits.' It's what you do! And I've really noticed people get really excited about tea. I find that the funniest. I feel I'm very much in an English home if I wake up and the first thing they do is offer me PG Tips and a bacon sandwich."


Bathing Beauty

Neil Mockford/FilmMagic

Reed loves baths, another habit she picked up in the UK (along with learning how to stand in line). "I remember being in Pret A Manger and someone telling me off for not standing in line and not understanding what a big deal it was – there were only three of us," she says. "But now I get very frustrated when I go home because in Scandinavia they have no clue what they are doing. You go to the cinema and it's chaos and I feel so uncomfortable. It's definitely a British habit which is ingrained in me now – that and having baths, which is my favourite thing. We don't do baths in Iceland. My parents don't even have a bathtub. But now living somewhere without a bath is bonkers."


Healing From Heartbreak

Dave Benett/Getty Images

Reed has a glass-half-full approach to heartbreak. "I was 17 and it was my first love and in my head it was a Romeo and Juliet type of love," she says. "He was a very bad boy. And I was a very good girl. But we connected. I thought we were soul mates. He broke my heart absolutely into little pieces… I thank him today because I am a big believer in getting your heart broken as many times as you can because it reminds you that you're alive and it ignites all those little things that sometimes dwell too still in you. It's horrific but once you're out of it I feel it's a kind of rebirth. A regeneration of energy."


Icelandic Diet

Heida Reed / Instagram

Reed grew up in Iceland, and ate a locally-sourced diet. "Puffins, no. Because, first of all, they're very expensive," she says. "Tiny little meat. And I feel it's barbaric for such a small amount of food. Also, they live only in the west so they're not as easy to come by. Sheep heads? I grew up with that! I wasn't happy when it was for dinner but it was for dinner."

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