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First Dates' Cici Coleman Shares Swimsuit Body Transformation

Here are her lifestyle habits.

Cici Colemen is showing off her body transformation – in a bathing suit. In a recent social media post the First Dates star turned fitness coach flaunts her incredible body in a swimsuit, revealing the secret to success to her many followers. "Fox," commented one of them. "So HOT, CiCi!!!" added another. How does the star maintain her best body ever at 37? Celebwell rounded up her top lifestyle habits. 


Weight Training

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In Cici's latest social media post, she explains that weight lifting was a game-changer for her on her health journey. "I used to avoid weight training because I thought it would make me big. I was so wrong. Weightlifting has helped me become stronger in my body and my mind. I feel more confident and I have more energy," she wrote. "Don't be put off by the weights; they are your friend not your enemy. And they will have a big impact on your future. And if you don't know how to use them, ask someone."


Move – Even While on Vacation

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During a Q&A session on Instagram, a follower asked: How To Not Gain Weight Whilst On Holiday? "My goal is weight loss and I don't want to undo the effort I have been putting in over the last couple of months. I have two options: 1. do nothing whilst away: eat everything in sight and only move my body when I roll from my sunbed to the pool," she wrote. The second? "Still eat everything I like, but keep my protein intake up; maybe walk over to the pool, rather than roll, do a couple of lengths before I lay on the blow up flamingo; and get in a couple of runs also. I'm all for switching off but I personally feel better when I move my body. Plus I actually don't mind running in the sun," she added. "Tip: If you have a gym in your hotel, go suss it out on day 1 and decide what machines you are going to use and create a little plan. 20 mins is better than nothing."



Cici promotes self-care. "I don't know why we struggle so much to give ourselves 5 minutes; it's almost like we feel selfish for giving our mind and body what it needs. Every time you ignore your body's request to take a lunch break, sleep a little longer, or fuel a bit more, you are neglecting yourself. That only leads to burnout," she wrote in a post. "Did you ever have a time in life when it felt like every holiday, you'd end up being sick? Or Christmas Eve, boom, hello flu! That is a big indicator that you've pushed yourself too far. The body is intelligent and will try its best to have your back, but if you take advantage, it will show you you have. Look after your mind and your body. They are life tools. December is busy, I agree, but it shouldn't wipe you out. A good friend once said on a double shift at work, 'Babe, it's just food; you're not saving lives.' Take the lunch break. Have a breather. Book the holiday. Don't neglect yourself to please other people."



In another post, one of her followers asked if walking can lead to weight loss. "In 88 minutes, I burnt 863 calories. I walked at a medium to fast pace on a slight decline for the first 43 minutes. I paused for a coffee and then returned home, taking 45 minutes on a slight incline. My heart rate was between 133 and 172 bpm. These results are obviously specific to my body, but I think you can see my point," she responded. "Many of you say you don't have time for a walk, so why not break it up? 88 minutes divided into 4 is 22. 22 minutes before work. 20 minutes on your lunch break. 22 minutes after work. and 22 after dinner. Remember, your body absolutely loves to move, especially if you have a sedentary job."



In a recent post, Cici discussed the importance of self-love. "Just two short years ago, I was in the depths of depression; there was not a chance in hell that I would be able to say I loved myself. I can vividly remember saying to my partner at the time that I didn't love myself, so how could I love him? I was serving from an empty cup," she wrote. "That was only two years ago this month. Since then, I chose to really invest in myself; I threw everything I could, including the kitchen sink, at self-development and gave myself time to see what stuck and what didn't." She claims that she started a single daily habit that helped her to learn to love herself, which she calls her "happy list," "where I jotted down everything that had ever brought me joy in life. At the very top of that list was travel," she wrote. "Loving yourself doesn't happen overnight; it's not a one-book or one-therapy session fix. Self-development is an ongoing process. What we didn't know in our teens, we learned in our 20s, and similarly, our 30s offered new lessons. I won't claim that I feel self-love every second of every day, as new people and new situations cause new triggers. But one thing is sure: when you invest in your personal growth, you come back with fire 🔥🔥🔥🔥. You become less tolerant of poor behaviour, and decision-making becomes clearer with well-defined boundaries," she continued. "Jump on the growth train, and you'll witness your circle shifting. It's not easy, but it's how you build strength, resilience, power, and, ultimately, self-love."

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