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Friends Star Jane Sibbett Shares Swimsuit Photo That "Feels Like Summer"

Here’s what makes her happy.

Friends star Jane Sibbett loves to channel happy summer energy whenever she can. Sibbett, 60, who played Susan on the hit NBC show, shared a beautiful picture of herself looking serene and happy in a bathing suit at her happy place—the beach. "What helps you feel like summer? I am an island girl, so sand, water, sunshine bare feet. If I can't get to the beach I can dance in my daydreams. You?" she captioned the post. Here's how Sibbett approaches life, with a strong emphasis on her spiritual health.


Soap Opera Beginnings

Sibbett is proud of what her soap opera beginnings (she starred on Santa Barbara) taught her about the industry and her own capabilities. "I loved my soap opera beginnings. It taught me the power of hard work, learning lines and how to hit my marks quickly," she says. "Was I good? No, but it was the best training grounds for a happy career of hard work. No regrets, only gratitude for being so lucky to work with such lovely people everywhere."


Barefoot Beauty

Sibbett is a proponent of grounding, and tries to go without shoes as often as possible. "Barefoot is still my favorite way to travel," she says. "It makes sense, doesn't it? Anyone who has danced with me in the last eight years knows how key the elemental energies of the Pura Vida were in firing up this gift running through me with Source Energy. If we are bringing heaven on earth here, together, wouldn't earthing always be a necessary or helpful part of grounding Source's gifts to share more profoundly?"


Into the Woods

Sibbett is very in tune with nature, and loves going into the woods for peace and meditation. "The world is wild now. Where do you go to rebalance an unruly spirit and hardworking heart? Breathing into it all, but roots like these ancient ones ground me. #peace #world #now #love," she captioned an Instagram post.


Practicing Compassion

Sibbett is a deeply compassionate person, and encourages her friends and followers to practice it too. "My heart is everywhere right now. It is in Maine. It is in the Middle East. It is in Ukraine. It is with all those who are suffering at the hands of senseless violence. It is with those who have lost friends and family, and those whose lives will never be the same again. More than ever, the world needs kindness, compassion, and empathy if we are to return to peace," she says.


Love In the Journey

Sibbett is proud of everything she has achieved, and what is yet to come. "I am much, much older since 1987," she says. "I've had 3 children, a 20 year marriage, so many stories, so many incarnations of life and career, and now this new path I'm on of producing Braco's tours in America… now one of healing and helping the world feel better a new way…. I'm still the beginning. I'm still hungry to learn and grow and spread light. I'm still young at heart and as vulnerable as I ever was, but I have a deeper appreciation for the beauty of this life. There are soooo many options for us to enjoy and I am grateful that I've already had the chance to love so fully many of them with many more to come."

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