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From Star Catalina Sandino Moreno Shares Swimsuit Photo "Recharging"

Here are her lifestyle tips.

From star Catalina Sandino Moreno was thrilled to take a trip home to Cartagena, Colombia over the summer. Moreno, who plays Tabitha Matthews on the show, shared pictures of herself looking fresh-faced and beautiful while posing in a purple swimsuit with a pink striped shirt on top. Moreno posted a video of herself on a boat, soaking in the gorgeous landscape. "Recharging," she captioned the post. "Stunning!" a fan commented. Here's what Moreno has to say about her life and career choices.


Character Growth

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Moreno is thrilled about the direction her character is taking on From. "There are a few surprises that I can't spoil, but it's wonderful how, in the writing and in the storyline of my character since last season, it's a continuation from her growth as a mother with her children," she says. "The way she talks to her children is completely different, she's not babying them anymore, she's talking to them as human beings, and letting them think for themselves. I think that's what I most enjoyed this season, and it's not surprising, because it makes sense from where we're coming from."


Bonding With Co-Stars

Moreno thrives on connecting with her fellow actors. "For me, it's really important to get to know my co-stars," she says. "In acting, as in life, you just can't go and do it by yourself. It's teamwork. Getting to know Iwan was great. He's just a joy to work with. He's a joy as a human and person. He's funny. He wants to work and try new things. I just want a good connection with someone who's going to be my partner. I want those connections to be strong prior to when we start shooting. It's something we have to do together. Then it gets easier."


New Experiences

Moreno appreciates how her work allows her to travel and experience different cultures. "Every day was fun to go to work," she says of her time filming Barbarians. "I don't live in England. I enjoyed that beautiful, fantastic house. And shooting with very nice people. There was no bad day for me. I have nothing bad to say. I usually have just one horrible day, but not here. We didn't shoot nights, which is horrible. We only shot one night. It was a great experience for me."


Breaking Down Stereotypes

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Moreno is proud of her stereotype-busting role in 2016 movie Custody. "I think it's part of our responsibility as actors not to just stay with stereotypes," she says. "I don't want to be just a drug dealer in a movie because I'm Latin. Or the chola character because I'm Latin. If it's a movie that I like and the character is like that, I will do my best to change those crazy stereotypes. So when I get roles like this one in Custody, it's so refreshing because these are real people."


Research and Due Diligence

Moreno took her role as a deaf person in 2013 movie Medeas very seriously. "For a lot of people it might seem easy to not talk, but when you have so many things you want to say to the other person, when you have kids running around and they're doing mischief, how can you express the same things without words? I met with a lot of mute and deaf girls. I wanted to get a glimpse of their world."

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