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Gabby Thomas in Workout Gear is "Counting Down The Days" To Olympics

Here’s what her diet, exercise, and training routine looks like.

Olympian track athlete Gabby Thomas cannot wait to hit the ground running at the Paris Olympics in July. Thomas, 27, shared pictures of herself sitting on the field in black shorts and a matching sports bra, taking a break from her intense training schedule. "Just counting down the days until I can race again," she captioned the post. "You're gonna kill it!" a fan commented. Thomas won bronze and silver at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics—here's what her diet, exercise, and training routine looks like.


Running, Yoga, Pilates

Thomas—obviously—runs a lot, but also does strength training and Pilates. "A typical workout routine for me is about three hours of running, believe it or not, and then a lift," she told The Healthy. "So we do a lot of sprinting, a lot of running around in circles on the track, and then we like to do some explosive things in the weight room. I like to dabble in fun little classes. So I will do a Pilates class every now and then, which is really hard. And sometimes I'll do some yoga, which is also really hard. You'd be surprised by how many of those classes are really difficult for Olympic athletes."


Air Fryer Recipes


Thomas has made improvements in her diet thanks to the convenience of an air fryer. "I came from college where I was eating in the dining halls," she told Runner's World. "When I first got here [Austin], I was eating out a lot. I would say I was at a C-minus; now I'm probably at a B-plus. I've cut out processed foods, limited eating out, and I'm not living in the frozen food aisle. I don't love cooking, especially for one person, but I bought an air fryer, and it's been my best friend. My favorite thing to cook is salmon and asparagus, or chicken wings. My go-to salad is a kale salad—I love kale, so that's a vegetable I can eat consistently."


Sleep Routine

Rest and recovery is a crucial factor in Thomas's performance. "As an Olympic medalist and a student, sleep is really important for me so I can ensure that I'm going to be my best self every day," she told The Healthy. "I train at such a high level, every time I do something, it is 100%. Making sure that I am mentally and physically ready to take on the day is really crucial for me. My sleep routine is pretty long. It's a slow wind-down, starting around 8PM. I start to turn off the TV, get really relaxed. I might start with making some tea, usually with magnesium in it to help with recovery."


Meditation Before Meets


Thomas meditates every day for stress relief. "I posted on Instagram about how running is an outlet to get away from the other stresses in my life. My college coach introduced me to meditating and it's been very helpful," she told Runner's World. "The breathing part of it is what really makes a difference, even before a track meet—he reminds me to take 10 deep, slow breaths if I'm freaking out before a meet. Walking with my pug is also really therapeutic. And sometimes it's just watching TV. This Is Us is my favorite show. I just started watching Sex and the City, which I've never seen. Friends is my go-to, and of course, Grey's Anatomy."


Sunscreen and Skincare

Thomas makes sure to protect her skin from the sun. "Sunscreen's really important just because as an Olympic athlete, we're outside for hours a day, which also makes you dehydrated really quickly," she told Elite Daily. "Making sure that I'm protecting my skin and then hydrating after is very important. When I'm home, I have face creams, I have my Vitamin C serums, just making sure that I keep my skin super hydrated and fresh."

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