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Georgia Amoore Shows Off Fit Figure Looking "Hot"

Georgia Amoore is a college basketball player. She was known for her time on the Virginia Tech team. Amoore recently enjoyed a trip to Greece. She shared some highlights from her vacation on Instagram. In them, she posed by the beach. She captioned the post, "A black cat jumping at me is like really good luck right?" How does she stay so fit? Read on to see 5 ways Georgia Amoore stays in shape and the photos that prove they work.


She Plays Basketball

Basketball is the main way Amoore stays in shape. states that the sport has a lot of benefits. "Basketball requires you to jump while playing, as well as running back and forth multiple times. In a basketball game, you rely on your body positioning and the ability to maintain that position when an opponent is pushing against you. This is why playing basketball can strengthen all parts of your body, especially your core muscles, neck, lower back, and arms."


She Manages Homesickness

Amoore opened up about her career in an interview with the Sons of Saturdays Podcast. She talked about how she handles being homesick in it. "Something I've learned about myself is I feel like when I do miss them, I try and not push them away in a bad way, but I definitely put up that wall. I don't want to get too upset. So definitely the communication part of it, it takes a toll and it hurts because I just simply can't see 'em. But I don't know, I just go about my business daily. I try not to think about it too much. I'm here for a reason if I miss them. But if it was seriously a situation where I was that upset about it, I probably would just go home. What's the point of me being over here if I'm that upset about it? But I know that I have their support at all times regardless of anything. And I think that just helps me stay here and keep working hard."


She Has Chemistry With Her Team

Amoore talked about the importance of team chemistry on the Sons of Saturdays Podcast. "It probably has to do with Coach Brooks. When you talk about team chemistry and team building, he never wants to force it. He's big on it naturally developing, which I think is huge. And you never have to be best friends with absolutely everyone on the team. And I think that's probably a shock to hear for some people. There's people that I love on the court and then I just don't really talk to when I'm home. But as long as we have that chemistry on the court, it helps immensely


She Observes The Court

Amoore talked about how she observes players during the game on the Sons of Saturdays Podcast. "I would say I watch a little of the three and the fours honestly, because I truly do truly believe that they make the biggest difference in the team when we play against teams and they have a really good three or a really good four, like okay, this is going to be a good game. Because I think when we played Ohio State and stuff like that, someone like a Cody Mcma, she changed the dynamic of that game. And I think obviously your point guard has to be really, really good and your five has to be dominant. But I think to be an all around team, the three and the four for sure have to be obviously the two. Two. I don't want to disrespect the two, but I can play some two. So it's not like I'm watching the two."

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