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Ginny & Georgia Star Brianne Howey Shares Swimsuit Photo From the Beach

Self-care and movement make her happy.

Ginny & Georgia star Brianne Howey knows it's the small things that make people happy—like spending a day at the beach with an adorable pup. Howey, who plays Georgia on the show, shared pictures of herself wearing a black swimsuit with white shorts, playing on the sand with her dog. "It's just beach," she captioned the post. Here's how Howey takes care of her health and wellness, inside and out.


Pilates and Walking


Howey will take Pilates and walking over cardio at any time. "I try to get fitness in where I can," she says. "It's definitely not an everyday thing for me. I'll try to make it to Pilates, or yoga class. I love the stretching and the toning. I'll pick that over cardio any day. The days that I can't make it to a class, I just try to get some kind of movement in, and my favorite thing to do is walking to run my errands. I feel like I've checked two things off my list at once—I've moved my body and I've run some errands. And sometimes I just walk my dog to get the blood going and breathe in some new oxygen."


Supporting Mental Health

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Howey swears by therapy and movement to protect her mental health. "I've been in therapy for so long now," she says. "I try to do it every week. And even when I'm on set, I will do phone calls with my therapist.  Having healthier tools and being able to unwire certain mindsets that we attune ourselves to growing up has been the biggest game-changer. Being physically active also helps start the day more positively. Sometimes that means just playing with my crazy hyper dog. I also miss in-person workout classes and the motivation you get from doing something in a group. But I've been doing lots of floor mat workouts at home."


Theragun At Night


Howey loves using a Theragun in the evening. "One of the first things I do, honestly, is Theragun," she says. "And maybe that's why I'm not doing as many massages. I am constantly Theragunning. I use my Theragun all the time, mainly on my hips, my back, and my thighs. Just for all of those tight areas that we carry all of our stress in, especially my shoulders. It feels so good. I think it helps me unwind. I also enjoy making dinner. We go to the farmers market on Sundays, and I'll probably cook two or three times a week."


Georgia's Beauty Routine

Howey wanted her Outer Banks character to look realistic and authentic. "Georgia's extensions were more of a last-minute decision," she says. "It was something that the show creator, showrunner, and I talked about a ton. I'm so grateful that we pivoted and added them because the second those got put in, I was like, Wow, here's Georgia. As far as makeup, it was fun because we really got to experiment, especially because this character is from the South and probably never had her makeup professionally done. So, the makeup looks we created are things she would probably do based on tips from magazines she read growing up like Seventeen. We just wanted her makeup to feel as authentic as possible."


Self-Care At Home

Howey does whatever she can for self-care, even something as simple as using eye patches. "For me, self-care definitely starts from the inside out," she says. "I don't always have time, as I think most people don't, to go sit and get a ton of treatments done, especially if it's last minute and you're not feeling great. You don't have time to make appointments and go sit somewhere for a few hours. So, I try to fit in self-care at home, when I can, whether it's right before bed or on the weekends. And I love using the 24 karat eye patches. They make me feel completely revitalized. And I just got this Olive and June nail kit because sometimes I can't make a nail appointment. I am by no means good at doing my nails, but it looks like I've gotten gels done and I've done it myself."

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