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Grey's Anatomy Star Abigail Spencer Shares Swimsuit Photo of "Big Crystal Energy"

She was organic before it was cool.

Grey's Anatomy star Abigail Spencer is enjoying some much-needed rest and relaxation at the We Care Spa in Desert Hot Springs, California. Spencer, 42, shared highlights from her stay, including snaps of herself horsing around in a blue bikini with her friends, drinking iced coffee. "Big crystal energy," she captioned the post. "Living the fast(ing) life! Always a joy to see you Abigail 🤍," the spa responded. Here's how Spencer eats, works out, and just lives her life.


Pilates and Green Tea

Spencer relaxed her exercises after having a baby. "I used to work out all the time, but after I had my son I was like 'no more,'" she says. "I've only done Pilates since I had my son—I gained 40 pounds of pregnancy weight and lost all of it without dieting. I'm in way better shape than I was before my pregnancy! I gave up all unnatural sugars and all unnatural ingredients. I gave up coffee; now I only drink Steaz, which is an all-natural green tea-based drink. These were the only two things that I did differently, and I noticed a world of difference."


Growing Up Organic


Spencer grew up in a household where organic and natural was the norm. "My father was very much into what could help him be a stronger surfer," she says. "He was one of the only people in our area that traveled to the natural foods store in the next town over. I've heard the words 'natural' and 'organic' my whole life… I've always been interested in the most natural approach to beauty. I want the cleanest products that are the kindest to the earth, but I also obviously want stuff that works. When I'm using the right natural products, I glow from the inside out."


Supplements and Sun Protection

Spencer has a simple approach to beauty. "I'm definitely a minimalist," she says. "I think working from the inside out is always good. You can't just focus it all on the outside. Start with making sure that you don't eat too much junk food, that you're sleeping and that you're drinking enough water. My beauty regimen consists of prenatal vitamins, Pilates and protecting my skin by staying out of the sun."


Surfer Chic

Spencer's style is very much based on her SoCal beach upbringing. "I like a simple and tailor classic look with a flattering fit," she says. "I would sacrifice 'wow' factor for 'fit' factor any day. I don't like anything too busy. I grew up on the beach surfing, so I have this inner hippie surfer who wants to wear sundresses and be barefoot all year round. That gets infused somewhere somehow."


Beauty Secrets

Spencer says she got the best beauty advice from her mother. "I've learned the best secrets from my mother, a Jackie O. throwback who gave me some great tips: Take a teaspoon a day of cod liver oil, wear a hat, don't let anyone mess with your eyebrows and take care of your skin from the inside out," she says. "So when people ask you what kind of makeup you have on, you can say, 'I'm not wearing any!'"

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