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Gwyneth Paltrow in Workout Gear Says "Weirdly I Am Very Into Spanx"

She wore a red spanx set in one photo, captioning it, “Weirdly, I am very into spanx.”

Gwyneth Paltrow is a successful actress. She won an Academy Award for her role in Shakespeare In Love. She also won an Emmy for her guest role on Glee. Paltrow is a wellness maven, and has her own brand, Goop. Paltrow did an AMA on her Instagram stories, where she revealed her favorite piece of clothing. She wore a red spanx set in one photo, captioning it, "Weirdly, I am very into spanx." How does she stay so fit? Read on to see 5 ways Gwyneth Paltrow stays in shape and the photos that prove they work.


She Eats A Balanced Diet

Paltrow makes sure to eat healthy, but she also believes in balance. She talked about her diet to Women's Health. "I have a pretty healthy diet, so when I'm eating processed foods and not watching my alcohol intake, I feel it," she explained. "But at the same time, you want deliciousness, you want a fun life—pleasure! You're going to have a baguette-and-cheese-and-red-wine frenzy sometimes—but you want it to be a choice you're awake to: 'I know this might not make me feel great, but today I'm choosing it anyway.'"


She Walks

Paltrow shared some of her favorite ways to stay fit to Vogue. "I also love to walk—I walk and walk and walk! Someone once said to me 'walking brings the soul and the body together,' and I really believe that." Harvard Health states that walking can help you eat a better diet. "Harvard researchers looked at 32 obesity-promoting genes in over 12,000 people to determine how much these genes actually contribute to body weight. Among the study participants who walked briskly for about an hour a day, the effects of those genes were cut in half."


She Has Wellness Treatments Done

Paltrow shared some of her favorite wellness treatments to Vogue. "For so much of my life, I pushed the boundaries – people thought acupuncture and using a sauna was crazy, and now everything I use, everyone's doing it. I don't think there's anything too 'out there' [for me]. I'm very into my sauna and cold plunge pool, exercise, hydration… but nothing that's considered cutting-edge at this point. Now, everybody talks about all of this stuff!"


She Takes Care Of Her Skin

Paltrow has amazing skin and she makes sure to take care of it. She even uses her own line of skincare products. Paltrow shared her routine to Harper's Bazaar. "In the morning, I've been putting it on after [my] workout and shower. If you really want the whole kit and caboodle, when I'm in the shower, I use the Goopglow Cloudberry Exfoliating Cleanser, which is a foamy delicious cleanser that also has some exfoliating beads in it. And then, when I get out, my skin's dry, I use the Sleep Milk, and then our face oil. At night, I use Microderm Instant Glow Exfoliator when I'm in the bath, and I use Sleep Milk on the skin first. And then, the Goop Genes Moisturizer, and then I put on lip balm. I've got a very good little routine going, and I feel very happy with how it's working."


She Eats Early

Gwyneth Paltrow/Instagram

Paltrow revealed to Harper's Bazaar that she likes to eat early. "I feel like eating early is a really important part of my sleep routine. There's a lot of evidence that suggests that if you go to bed on a full stomach, you don't sleep as well. So that's why I eat dinner at six o'clock—all my friends kind of make fun of me. And then, I always have tea at night, like a sleepy-time tea. I love drinking herbs that get your head relaxed and your body feeling settled."

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