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Halle Berry Radiates in Swimsuit in the Desert in New Post

57 has never looked this good.

It was definitely not a cold and frosty holiday season for Halle Berry, who spent the run up to Christmas in intense heat out in the desert. Berry, 57, shared a picture of herself posing by rocks in the sand, wearing a black one-piece swimsuit. "Couldn't hide these rocks 😉," she captioned the post. Berry is diligent about taking care of herself—here's what her approach to health and wellness looks like, inside and out.


Intermittent Fasting


Berry (still!) swears by intermittent fasting for health and energy. "The first thing I take in the morning is vitamin A-D-K, fish oils, and collagen in my coffee," she tells Marie Claire. "Then, I take either Pendulum Metabolic Daily or Glucose Control supplements. Their probiotics have been really helping me heal some gut issues that I've had. I stopped eating breakfast over 20 years ago. Everybody needs to break their fast from the night at different times, and so I've learned to really listen to my own body and not follow those conventional thoughts that, 'Oh, breakfast is the best meal.' The best meal is whenever you break fast. And for me, that's around 2:00 p.m. every day. I start off my morning with one cup of coffee, and that's all I'll have until 2 p.m. And I use hazelnut, like milked hazelnuts instead of any kind of milk, and I do a sugar substitute, and that gets me through."


Yoga and Pilates

Berry works out in the mornings after the school run. "I workout usually every day, or four days a week, sometimes five, depending, but usually four days a week," she tells Marie Claire. "My fitness routine changes. Some days it's more cardiovascular-heavy. Some days it's working with light weights. Sometimes it's calisthenics, sometimes it's yoga, sometimes it's Pilates. I just recently got a Pilate machine at home, which I love, love, love. Sometimes it's that. I just try to mix it up. I think our bodies get used to the same exercises. So for me, it's always been important to do different things all the time."


Yes, She Has Cheat Days

Berry lets herself indulge in non-healthy treats now and then. "I can enjoy a bag of salt and vinegar chips and a Diet Coke with the best of them," she tells The Kit. "It's important to have cheat days—days when you allow yourself to fall off the wagon. That's what helps me stay on my journey: not feeling pressure to be perfect, but to simply do my best."


Early Dinner and Red Wine

Berry closes her eating window four hours after breaking her fast. "I eat my last meal around 5:30 p.m and by 6 p.m., I'm done eating," she tells Marie Claire. "So from 2:00 to 6:00 are the times that I eat food. When I'm winding down, I usually start with a glass of red wine. I found these wines by Dry Farms. They're a natural wine. They have a low sugar content and they're lower in alcohol, so it makes it an easier drinking wine. Heart disease runs in my family, and so my heart doctor's like, 'If you can have a glass of a natural red once a day, that's good for heart health.' So that's something that's not every night, but four times a week."


Achievements Over Beauty

Berry appreciates compliments about her achievements more than her looks, which she feels she can't take as much credit for. "I probably don't think about it as much as maybe others do, actually," she tells PEOPLE. "I focus on so many other things in my life. So many other aspects of who I am get way more focus than what my physical self looks like. So it's not something I focus on… I love when someone says, 'You're a great mother,' or, 'You're a talented actress.' Those are the things that I appreciate more, because those are things I work very hard at every day. Physical beauty, I don't have much to do with that. We come here the way we all come here, and it's so subjective. What one thinks is beautiful, one does not. I, personally, don't spend that much time on that part of who I am."

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