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Hanna Öberg in Two-Piece Workout Gear Shares "Rough" Workout

"Grow bigger and juicier quads & glutes."

Hanna Öberg is a fitness influencer. She shares a lot of her favorite workouts on Instagram. In a recent post, she is seen doing lower body exercises. Öberg captioned the post, "In full laughter reliving my workout from today because it was ROUGH you guys 🥲😄 hence the videos haha. Here's a workout to grow bigger and juicier quads & glutes! it will most definitely not be an easy task, but it's too good to pass on for the gains. When you tried it, repeat it again next week. and the next. and the next.. you get the picture – CONSISTENCY!" How does she stay so fit? Read on to see 5 ways Hanna Öberg stays in shape and the photos that prove they work.


She Cooks

Öberg likes to cook some of  her meals. She shares a lot of her favorite recipes on Instagram. In this video, Öberg is seen making shrimp pasta. Harvard Health states that home cooking has a lot of benefits. "The more people cook at home, the healthier their diet, the fewer calories they consume, and the less likely they are to be obese or develop type 2 diabetes. A growing body of scientific evidence supports teaching patients how to cook meals at home as an effective medical intervention for improving diet quality, weight loss, and diabetes prevention."


She's Consistent

Öberg makes sure to stay consistent with her fitness. She revealed in the caption of this Instagram post that this helps her stay motivated to work out. "Don't scroll without sharing!! If you're still looking for your motivation – you will probably never find it! I stopped letting my motivation decide my future a long time ago 🤎 Spread the word, we need to set this straight! Dedication > consistency > results whichhh will boost your motivation for more."


She Works Her Upper Body

Öberg shared her favorite upper body workouts in this Instagram video. She captioned it, "Dedicated back & bic day hits different 😤🫡Save for your next session & don't forget to share a like. 🫶Details: 1. pull-ups 3 x max reps. 2. one arm lat pulldown 3 x 8-10,8-10,12-15 reps each. 3. db rows 3 x 8-10,8-10,12-15 reps each. 4. cable high row 2 x 10-12,12-15 reps. 5. plate curls 2 x 10,12-15 reps. 6. cable curls 2 x 8-10,12-15 reps. Get it done sis."


She Does The Same Exercises

Öberg does a lot of the same exercises, and explained why in the caption of this Instagram post. "Mix the cocktail of your staple exercises with consistency and you'll start seeing your results sis 🫡I've been doing the same exercises for years now. Are they always fun? – absolutely not, but they'll get the job done!"


She Works Her Legs

As you can see in her Instagram post, Öberg doesn't skip leg day. She shared her favorite exercises in the caption. A good old classic real & raw swipe video 🔥 5 exercises in TOTAL – details: 1. medius kickback 3 x 8-10, 8-10, 12-15. 2. leg extension 2 x 8-10, 12-15. 3. hack squat 2 x 8-10, 12-15. 4. leg press 3 x 8-10,10-12,15-20 (high & narrow stance). 5. split squat 2 x 8-10,12-15."

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