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Health Influencer Amanda Bisk Shares Swimsuit Photo Feeling "Smiley"

Here’s what she eats every day.

Health influencer Amanda Bisk is soaking up the spring sunshine at Trigg Beach in Perth, Australia. The fitness and yoga expert shared a picture of herself standing on a beautiful rocky beach, wearing a bright patterned bikini as she looked out towards the ocean. "#smiley," she  captioned the post. "I've always wanted to visit Perth. Looks beautiful," a fan commented. Bisk doesn't look so fit and toned by accident––here are 5 lifestyle and health habits she swears by.


HIIT Workouts

Bisk's workout regimen changes depending on her travel plans and schedule. "From Monday to Friday I train twice a day but only for 20 minutes at a time (morning and afternoon)," she says. "I usually do a 20 min HIIT circuit in the morning using body weight exercises and then a 20 min sprint session or running in the afternoon. I love fast paced, explosive workouts that you can do anywhere (like at a park or even a hotel room) so most of my workouts don't use equipment. Each evening I also stretch and practice yoga at home for 30 min-1 hour before I go to bed. On Saturdays, I try to do something different, like surfing, gymnastics, bike riding, tennis, hiking, a walk with my friend, or a fitness class then on Sunday I have recovery day where I only do gentle yoga and stretching."


Vegetarian Diet

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Bisk eats a mostly plant-based diet. "I am a vegetarian," she says. "I have been eating this way for a year now and ever since I changed I noticed many things with my health improved (better skin, more energy, sleeping better, better digestion etc). I always believe in eating a diet full of wholefoods (little or no processing) with as much variety as possible. All of my meals are based around fresh fruit and vegetables with a portion of carbs and protein to support all of the exercise I do. Because I am vegetarian I also try to boost my portions of foods that contain protein, iron and B vitamins (like beans and lentils, eggs, chia, tofu, spirulina, leafy green vegetables)."


Working Out For Mental Health

Amanda Bisk/Instagram

Bisk's workout routine is something that makes her happy as well as physically fit. "I work out because I love the way I feel when I am active," she says. "I love feeling strong and fit. Exercise gives me an energy boost, it improves my mood (especially if I have had a bad day) and it keeps my body healthy. While I was sick (with chronic fatigue), I was unable to exercise for a long time. It made me realize how much being active affects my quality of life. You won't find me any happier than when I am outside running, jumping and playing!"


Stretching Exercises

Bisk is diligent about stretching every day. "Flexibility is all about consistency. I stretch every day," she says. "I stretch in the morning for 15-30 min (sometimes also in the evening) and before and after I exercise. If you are looking to improve your flexibility, the more you stretch the quicker you will see improvements. I use a combination of stretches I have learnt from gymnastics and athletics and combine this with yoga. In the morning I do a few sun salutations (a sequence in yoga) to warm up my body, then I stretch my legs and hips and do splits, then finish off with shoulders and backbends."


Beauty Habits

Bisk's beauty mantra is very much focused on her lifestyle. "Healthy hair and skin all starts with diet," she says. "I know that if I eat fresh and healthy foods it will show through on the outside. I have this really great book at home called the 'A-Z of nutrients' and it tells you which foods contain certain nutrients that help your hair, nails, muscles, recovery, skin…its so great for giving you a good understanding about how important it is to eat right. I also use Biotherm products as part of my daily skincare routine. It's important to have a consistent skincare regime that suits your skin and lifestyle. I like to cleanse well (especially after a sweaty workout) and then use a good moisturizer to put all the goodness back in."

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