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Health Influencer Sarah's Day Shares Swimsuit Photo and "Feels Like Summer"

She’s got her summer bikinis ready. 

It's spring in Australia and influencer Sarah's Day—real name Sarah Stevenson—is bringing out the bikinis. Stevenson shared pictures of herself sitting out by the pool in a blue one-piece bikini with matching blue hat and dark sunglasses, plus another picture of her new summer bikinis. "When the start of spring🌼feels like the middle of summer☀️so you can start wearing your new summer fits and kinis," she captioned the post. Stevenson's incredible physique is the result of hard work and a sensible diet—here's how she does it. 


Whole Food Diet

Stevenson enjoys a whole foods diet focused on nutrition. "Essentially I focus on nutrient-dense, whole foods and incorporating at least three different colors in each meal," she says. "My day-to-day meals change depending on how I'm feeling, but I usually consume paleo-based meals, ensuring I'm consuming a good source of protein, carbs and fat in every main meal, and snacking in between. While I don't promote or believe in counting calories and tracking macros, I do believe in nutritional education. Understanding the importance of protein, carbs and fats, and being able to identify these foods is an integral part of my diet and ensuring I am fueling my body appropriately."


Diverse Workouts

Stevenson incorporates a variety of different workouts into her routines. "In terms of fitness, I'm extremely diverse in the way I train," she says. "Every day is different. I like to assess how my body is feeling throughout the day and go from there. My main form of exercise is body-weight, functional training, however, I also love Pilates, sand dune sprints, lifting heavy on with my lower body and walking my dog." 


Biohacking Tips


Stevenson is passionate about biohacking for optimum health.  "Biohacking is basically making changes to diet and lifestyle, and then having the ability to listen to your body to see if they are successful," she says. "Essentially implementing these strategies and changes allows you to become the healthiest, fittest and happiest version of yourself. It's all about practicing day-to-day activities that enhance your overall well being… A 'hack' to drink more water: I've never been that person who can naturally smash down liters and liters of water. The taste bores me and I often just forget. Nowadays I like to sprinkle 1 tbsp of chia seeds into my 1L bottle of water and allow them to sweep up. This encourages me to consistently sip on my water as I enjoy chewing on the little chia seeds. It's kind of like my all-day chewing gum!"


Acne and Cellulite

Stevenson's interest in health and wellness started from her struggles with acne and cellulite. "I use to suffer from really severe hormonal acne and I just wasn't really healthy," she says. "I always had tummy pains, I suffered from pretty bad cellulite all over my body, I was carrying excess weight, I had no energy… I was just not feeling 100 per cent. So I decided to try this wholefood thing. I really got into the research and started to dabbling into health foods – and I completely transformed my life. I then started integrating fitness."


Boxing Workouts

Stevenson is always excited to try a new way of exercising. "Recently, because I did start to feel in that state where I'm unmotivated – I began boxing, so I've been boxing once a week as well," she says. "I box for half an hour and I absolutely love it – I get excited for my boxing sessions! And I think that's what you should feel about exercise – you want to be excited to move your body. You need to find that thing you love – you don't need to go to the gym, you just need to find a way to move your body that's authentic to you."

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