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Heather Rae El Moussa in Workout Gear Says "Believe In Yourself"

Her postpartum fitness journey will inspire you.

Selling Sunset star Heather Rae El Moussa is giving Instagram followers a look at her postpartum fitness journey since welcoming her first child with husband Tarek El Moussa in January 2023. El Moussa, 36, posted a video showing herself working out in a variety of exercise outfits, encouraging fans to be gentle with themselves if they're also struggling with fitness. "So much can happen and change within a year so if you're seeing this, keep going, keep pushing, believe in yourself, but also give yourself time and give yourself grace 🤍 Reflecting on my 2023 postpartum transformation and excited for a new fresh year & I have decided to commit to one day of hot yoga again 🫶🏻," she captioned the post. Here's what El Moussa's diet, fitness, and wellness looks like.


Vegan Diet

El Moussa enjoys a plant-based vegan lifestyle. "I don't push anything on anybody, as everyone has their own rights on the way they want to live," she told Veg News. "Since [husband] Tarek and I have been together, he has cut out animal products significantly, and when I cook dinner at home, I cook gluten-free and plant-based. He is very supportive of me being vegan. Even at our wedding, we had both a regular and vegan menu, and everything was gluten-free—the vegan Bolognese was a guest favorite."


Pregnancy Workout

El Moussa continued to work out during her pregnancy. "I still prioritize my workouts—I've always loved working out—but I definitely don't push my body like I used to," she told The Bump. "I used to work out five days a week, and now I choose rest over a workout. I try to do cardio now one to two times a week; I'm doing yoga with an instructor who's also pregnant; and I usually do Pilates once a week. I take my dog Bugz on a lot of walks. I love getting outside in the fresh air and walking around my neighborhood. I also take time to do some meditation daily, even for 10 minutes if it's all I can fit in."


Cooking At Home


El Moussa loves to cook for her family. "I love to cook—I'm the queen of 20-minute, healthy meals," she told Veg News. "My go-tos are gluten-free pasta with vegan meatballs, broccoli, mushrooms, pasta sauce, fresh herbs and spices, and Bitchin' Sauce. I also make burgers with baked potatoes and vegetables. The kids love the way I make veggies—I use vegan butter and cook them to where they are almost crispy. We also have a pizza oven so we try to do pizza night with the kids once a week—my hubby makes the best vegan pizza for me."


Pregnancy Diet


El Moussa was careful about her diet during her pregnancy. "I'm still getting up early because I'm a morning person, but sleep is very important," she told The Bump. "And hydration is very important! I drink coconut water every day to get extra electrolytes and make sure I have a balanced meal of plant based foods and protein. I really think about how everything I put in my body is for my baby. Everything I eat is nutrients for him to grow and to keep him healthy. I'm very conscious about that."


Skincare First

El Moussa is diligent about taking care of her skin. "Personally, I think if your skin doesn't look good, your make-up won't look good over it," she told Grazia UK. "Investing in your skincare is way more important than any make-up product. No matter how tired I am or how late it is, I will always take off my make-up before bed. To do this, I'll use an oil-based cleanser and a soft white washcloth to make sure everything is off and my skin is clean."

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